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Oh please, not the briar patch!

Perhaps it is coincidence, but I’m suspicious of coincidence.
The wholy-owned-Bilderberg-subsidiary-puppet media has reported a recent flurry of a certain type of child abuse arrests. These horrible 30-year-old women have been caught having sexual relations with 16 and 17-year-old boys!

I was most definitely a ‘late bloomer’ never at risk of this, but my gosh, any healthy 17 year-old boy who is several years past the puberty transition would quite happily call that “Getting lucky”. Traumatic is definitely not the word that comes to mind, while memorable most certainly does.

The current crop of Puritans-in-charge will happily send these women to prison for a decade or two and label them for life as a “sexual predator” for showing one or more boys how the plumbing is supposed to work.

“If you were supposed to know THAT, we would have taught it to you in government-run schools”. Oh, wait, they did … hetro-sex, homo-sex, and whonoze what-else-sex, taught by government-approved trainers without any proven qualifications on the subject, out of Texas State Board of Education approved text books.

Mind you, I am not saying the converse is true. I am not nearly as sure that a 17-year old girl and 30-year old man match up is the same. I’ve never been a 17-year-old girl and do believe the wiring between the ears or in the heart is different. I simply don’t know this side of the deal.

I can confidently say that the damage to the woman who THE LAW is stomping on, is quite sure and devastating. The “damage” to the boy is completely theoretical and quite probably fictitious.

Interestingly, I have just received a jury duty notice. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if I could be on the jury that was asked if this woman should be punished for giving a few young men pleasure, knowledge and sexual education far beyond anything they could have imagined or were likely to get any other way?