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resistance is futile

This is a popular poster for a wide range of sayings. Today I responded to a fatalistic message that used the image to say we should give up our rifles. We stand no hope against the most powerful military force the world has ever seen. It brought to mind a time and place most of us learned about long ago. Many of us think of it as our heritage rather than a fairy tale. Some hicks faced that possibility in 1776. They faced the most powerful military force the world had ever seen … and decided liberty was worth the risk. Today there are 75 million gun owners with 300 million guns in the USA alone … larger than all […]

chasing our tails

It saddens me to find well meaning groups and individuals posting themselves as armed guards to protect schools from attacks like the one two weeks ago. It is like fire fighters massing at a the sight of a recent fire to protect it from another arson. They aren’t studying the arsonist well enough to prepare for the next fire. Army post, movie theater, shopping mall, public school … Schools are not the common denominator. They go where they control the evidence, the media and the chief investigator. Attack THAT. Take their spin-master away. Don’t accept their lies. Don’t let anyone else accept them. Share the holes in their stories. […]

goodbye All Natural

It has probably been a couple of decades since I made my own ice cream. Cuz I’m like this, I calculated the cost and compared the ingredients, finding the Breyers listed the same ingredients and beat the price of my raw materials alone. Considering the significant time commitment in buying fresh ingredients, cranking the ice cream and clean-up, I have been buying from Breyers ever since. Somewhere around the time I grew up (I was 27), I began to concern myself more with what I and my family were ingesting. Ingredient reading has been with me ever since. My kids had to read ingredients in order to contribute any packaged goods to our shopping cart. This semi-literate method of food […]

reliable news

It is eating at me that mainstream mythology, the propaganda propagators have such a large audience. Even people who grok much of the political climate still find themselves allowing the liars into their living room, and into their brains. Just say NO. Take a month off. Use the sources listed and linked below for a month. When you return, you will see clearly what you couldn’t see before you left. You are likely to head right back out the door to never return. Vote with your feet. Take away their power one brain at a time, starting with yours. […]

missed the memo

Gosh, even in The People’s Republic of California, where EVERYONE agrees that guns are bad, victimhood is honor and only the special people deserve armed protection, The Sacramento Bee reports that gun sales are up. It is rather apparent that several hundred thousand people didn’t get the memo. […]

sneaking up on us

It can be frustrating, trying to get people to prepare for civil unrest and disasters that leave our neighborhoods vulnerable to the lawless of one stripe or another. Why is it so unpopular to plan futher ahead than what’s for lunch today? The threats are so ominous and obvious to me, yet for the vast majority, an elephant is sneaking up on them. They will soon be surprised and shocked. Where did that come from??? Nobody could have seen that coming!!! Well, not true at all Kemosabe. […]

how to stop mass shootings

When I learned the fundamentals of journalism, they were: Who, What, When, Where, How and Why. They also included a foundation of reliability, accuracy and honesty, without which you earn no audience. Sadly things have changed. With the consolidation of mainstream media into six mega-corporations, the absence of competition in primary news sources allows the same misinformation to come from all six sources, reinforcing their illusion of fact. With all six CEOs quite publicly part of The Bilderberg Group, there is precious little doubt whose “facts” are being reinforced. The hot topic of the day is a perfect example, and a perfect opportunity to test your news sources. If they are not showing the truth on the Sandy Hook school […]

mass shootings on the rise

The list below is published at Think Progress website. Click on the link to go read it complete with all of the supporting links. I post here to prevent possible link breakdown from removing this information from the Internet (assuming stays up). That these are coming at us Fast And Furious is not a coincidence. They are directly related to the effort to disarm the people of the USA. This armed and partially knowledgeable populace stands in the way of some extremely serious, Earth-changing plans. As long as the true culprits, the planners, think this might work, they will continue to use this tool. While planning and executing this seems unthinkable to normal people, the culprits they wave in […]

gun control works … for some people

For this message I’m going to let the pictures do the talking. The people of these countries, the families, friends and neighbors discussed gun control. There were simply more people willing to accept disarmament and trust their government than there people who didn’t. In every case, the government had to have a monopoly on guns, that is long guns, rifles, current-technology military-style weapons, BEFORE they could accomplish their real agenda. This debate may seem unimportant or about a handful of hunters wanting to pursue a passtime others deem barbaric. It is not. It is a life and death struggle between those who don’t respect others and those who do. Make sure the owners of the mass communication tools do not […]

more Sandy Hook details

A post has pulled together even more details conflicting with the official story. Get it while it’s hot. This is looking very much like a false flag event. It is darn near impossible for normal people to consider planning a coordinated attack on schoolchildren, complete with official coverup. But here it is. The perpetrators are right there on your television screens, lying through their a$$**. They are not the same species as I am. This is clearly another animal that seems to be human, but having some DNA difference that only comes out when they are thinking or thier lips are moving. The number and range of details that were clearly planned and executed in advance is startling. That […]

truth about the guns

Meanwhile, in Sandy Hook, USA, available evidence shows one patsy who died by a “self-inflicted” shot from an AR-15 that he left in his car while he went on a rampage with two handguns. With these two handguns, he single-handedly killed 20 children all of whom died from .223 bullets fired from a rifle… you know, that unfired rifle the lone shooter left in his car. Early reports tell the truth; the whole truth. […]

peace prize

The struck-blind Barry lovers had their hearts warmed by his protect-the-children speech over the bodies of 20 Sandy Hook school children. He and his fellow despots exhort us to give up our means of defense against despots to prevent more children from being killed. Here is a sampling of how much they love children. Believe the words out of their mouths when they stop slaughtering people. By the way, these links are not likely to last long. These guys own the media, the guns and make their own rules. REALIST NEWS – Brave soldier quits military after killing numerous children in drone strikes 3 days ago […]