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police state videos

police_attack-300x207It is clear that fascism will continue and even accelerate its relentless march on us. I think they overestimate their power and underestimate the resistors, but could easily be wrong on this point. The videos below are excellent snapshots of where we are and what lays ahead.

Europe’s economy and social situation is mere months ahead of ours. There are and were hardly any significant differences. Thus the first video with clips recorded this year in Europe could just as easily be clips from the USA just a few months into the future. A warning to America (5:52)

The second one is of Lt. General Boykin (3-star) who recently retired from an insider position to the military structure in the U.S.A. He is clearly concerned and articulates well why we should be too. Marxism in America (6:08)

Retired Sheriff Richard Mack powerfully narrates a quick overview of the dangerous shifting mentality of peace officers. Police Brutality – Sheriff Richard Mack (1:31)

Called by a neighbor with a grudge, the Gem County Sheriff brings an assault team to “investigate”. With no warrant and no justification, these people are threatened and tossed about as if they were in some dictator’s banana republic. I have three friends who have had similar separate experiences with Ada County Sheriff deputies. You might note that even in Idaho, the right to be secure in your person, papers and property are sometimes violated by the very people charged with protecting you against such violations. Gem County Sheriff video (5:51)

I keep wondering when there will be enough of us concerned about this to actually do something preventative. I work at developing the Treasure Valley Oath Keepers, Ada County Neighborhood Posse and Fully Informed Jury Association .. among other things.

What do you do?