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Sheriff Richard Mack on police brutality

When you lose your sense of balance, anything can happen.

Idaho Statesman response

As one of two candidates for Ada County Sheriff, I met with the Idaho Statesman editorial board. Confident they would endorse the incumbent Republican, I had nothing to lose, so I determined that regardless of their questions I would introduce the topics and reasons I am running for sheriff. They seemed surprised and unaware of the recent flood of executive orders and bills signed by the president that remove our rights to trials, to have a sworn affidavit accusing us of a crime, to a lawyer, to our lives, and to our properties. It’s not just the Obama administration as Romney has publicly supported these unconstitutional acts too. Both presidential candidates claim that without notice or recourse, Americans can be […]

Ada sheriff candidate

The Kuna Melba News asked for 400 words describing who Ted Dunlap is and why he is running for Ada County Sheriff. This is my response: […]


I share the great conspiracies, but normal people have great difficulty understanding Why do these people do such unmitigated evil things? One of the great students of the evil doers explains on the Alex Jones show. It is a long, primarily audio show, but if you want to understand WHY, this one does it. Just get yourself some mundane task at hand and listen to this broadcast: The ruling elite explained.

hi$tory repeat$

Allowing a secret group the ability to create money with paper and ink is the guarantee they will. Permitting the select to distribute the new money is the certainty the wealth will consolidate in the hands of the few. Granting them the authority to control the volume of printing is the assurance there will be no practical limit. This is why a loaf of bread is not a dime, a shave-and-a-haircut is not two bits and a gallon of gasoline is not 29-cents. It is also why You Ain’t Seen Nuthin Yet… AND why the world is perpetually at war (13-min. You Tube video). Where’s the dollar going? Where paper currencies always go. Our dollar is at a well-defined point […]

police state

It is creeping around the world. Suiting up in armor with battle clubs to assault unarmed, unprotected, peaceful protestors. The militarization of police forces tasked with protecting the status quo, the ruling elite against The People. I repeat myself, but you must learn about the Constitutional Sheriff and the crucial role they play in the balance of power. […]

Endorsement for Ada County Sheriff

I met and spent some time with Delaware Sheriff Jeff Christopher at Canyon County sheriff candidate Ed Hendershot’s event in Caldwell. Jeff is a warm, caring, courageous and knowledgeable man anyone would be proud to know. I sure am. His endorsement of me and my sheriff campaign follows. It is with great honor and privilege that I endorse Ted Dunlap for your Ada County, Idaho Sheriff. […]