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Something dies every time people speak as if the lesser of two evils is discernable. “THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE!” my insides scream, but outside I smile and move on. There is no bridge to cross that chasm. I know that, but hate it. Here are two graphic summaries that should be all anyone needs to know.


On everything that is extremely important, they are twins. There differences are inconsequential. I agree with the person in front of me complaining about the evil, immorality, criminality, tratorous, treasonous nature of the guy they are running down, but when I point out there is no difference between their enemy and their friend, they shrug and say, “Well he likes broccoli” or something as goofy as that.

They are owned by the same conglomerate… they are all part of the Bilderberg Group and working just as fast for their prize, the new world order. The only contest is which one more of you are willing to follow to H-E-double-toothpicks.


Of course the mainstream media, a wholly-owned Bilderberg subsidiary, pretends there are only those two candidates. The show is a made-for-TV drama to give the impression YOU are making an important decision. THEY get what they want. YOU get fascism run by a ruling elite.

If even half of the 70% who will probalby stay home voted for Gary Johnson, his landslide victory would really shake things up. Heck, the great masses waking up would end THEIR reign one way or another.