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poor, put-upon bullies

attack-dog-on-leashThe Bilderberg naval forces amass at the top of the Straight of Hormuz, next to Iran (USofA, Britain, the Netherlands, Germany, Greece, Italy, Turkey and Spain). The Bilderberg Attack Dog (Israel) makes multiple announcements it will pre-emptively attack Iran while its protectors circle the targeted victim.

Third on the high school chess team, the little guy finds himself surrounded by the Arian toughs, Black Panthers, Crips, Bloods, biker gang and football team all looking death at him.

But the Bilderberg media media pumps up the massive THREAT Iran poses to everyone in rural Kansas and everywhere else in the world. Only if you are looking in nooks and crannies of available media do you find out about the gang of toughs surrounding Iran.

Mainstream media talks about nothing but the poor kid picking up rocks in hopes of surviving the pending onslaught. Oh how Iran is threatening….

By interesting coincidence, Iran is one of THREE countries left ON THE PLANET EARTH who doesn’t have a central bank controlled by the Bilderbergs.

Fasten your seatbelts. Set your trays and seats in the upright position. Hang on. When the Arabian world starts exploding, OIL will get more precious. To put it more plainly, EVERYTHING will cost a lot more.

But most importantly, Don’t believe a word of it. They have the script written, and it doesn’t include telling you the truth.

What you will end up hearing is how the skinny little kid injured the knuckles and scuffed the toes of our heroes’ boots with his head, kidneys, groin and other weapons of mass destruction. But the toughs did finally subdue him FOR THE CHILDREN, mom and apple pie.

Heck, they might even toss a few pocket nukes around like firecrackers to frighten the masses into abject worship of the ruling elite.

Believe what you will, but if it means less liberty, it is most assuredly part of their grand plan. Be suspicious. Be very suspicious.