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illusion of choice

The big show going on is best summarized by this video, which uses Romney and Obama clips from press conferences and speeches. It goes back and forth between the two recognized contenders point by point on all the significant issues in this campaign.

Obama VS Romney on YouTube

As you can see (You did go see it, didn’t you?), the script writer and director are the same for both of them. Who is that? Oh yeah, they both go to Bilderberg meetings, along with the five who control the media, the major appointed/elected/strongarm rulers of the world, the owners of the money supply, etc.

I wish you could vote for your own enslavement without increasing their ability to enslave the rest of us, but you cannot. Thus I plead with you to look beyond what they are feeding you. Please use your own facilities. Please take a little time to ACTIVELY seek information rather than passively accepting what the dominant Departments of Information pour into your brain.

You could start here and here.