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I have observed and pondered the amazing, once-in-a-lifetime campaign of a non-selected contender who almost made it in one of the two arms of the conglomerate who owns the USA. The post below from The Dollar Vigilante convinced me to not bother writing my thoughts down. Jeff Berwick did a GREAT job. Read it here or, my recommendation, with GREAT pictures and links THERE.

Fascist Wing of Single USSA Party Not Even Bothering to Pretend Anymore

“I am endorsing, you know, peace and prosperity and individual liberty, the Constitution, and I’m more intense on that than I am on the politics of it.” — Ron Paul at the GOP Convention, Tampa, FL 2012

As an anarcho-capitalist it is difficult for me to watch the election year shenanigans. But, it is still hard not to watch, like a car wreck, as Ron Paul supporters got the cold shoulder and the message. The Republican Party played some awfully dirty pool. Now the Ron Paul supporters have done the only sensible thing. They’ve taken their ball and gone home.

Ron Paul never had a real shot at being POTUS. But it was disgusting to watch the Republican National Convention make rule changes specifically designed to weaken Dr. Paul’s delegate count, and to make it harder for non-establishment candidates to gain any traction in future elections. Although, that’s just what happens in the world of politics—dirty pool is just “pool” in this world.

But by replacing 10 of the 24 Maine delegates, the RNC made sure that Dr. Paul’s name couldn’t even be submitted for nomination. The euphemism from the RNC is about providing “a united front.” The reality is they are taking away even the illusion of choosing real change, the sort that would have any effect on the fasco-communist police state axis of power in the US.

Now the Ron Paul supporters see just how hopelessly corrupt the Republican Party — the fascist wing of the single fasco-communist ruling party — is and they have staged a micro secession in Tampa. We here at TDV truly hope that those walkouts have lost all faith in the political process and that they have divorced themselves spiritually and emotionally from this farce. In other words, I hope they have achieved true individual secession and independence. Because, folks, doing so is the only answer.

If at first you don’t secede, try, try again…

A lot of Ron Paul supporters are undoubtedly people who became disillusioned with the political, social, and economic degradation of America. Odds are many of them came from a paleo-conservative background, almost as many from an Austrian school economics and libertarian background. There might have been a few anti-war hippies and commies who actually started understanding economics because of Ron Paul’s unrelenting message.

These are the people who correctly concluded the US was doomed. Despite their hope in Ron Paul riding in on a white presidential horse, however, Paul had little actual chance of winning. Although he likely actually beat Romney (the Republican party controls the puppet strings). They change the rules when it suits them. And if Dr. Paul somehow got passed that, then it’d be the Obamadragon. And if he got past that, he’d be pulled in a backroom to show the JFK assassination from a completely new angle, and if he didn’t then back down, he’d be JFK’ed. It’s time for his supporters to accept with finality how hopeless what they are trying to achieve is and — as much as I hate sounding like that fascist fundamentalist Mike Huckabee — move on.

There are those majority of Republicans who always thought Dr. Paul was a political quack and who support Romney because they think he is a capitalist patriot whose policies will restore liberty and prosperity to the land. Ha! Romney is an empty-headed privileged fascist who will do nothing substantially different from what Obama would. No matter who wins, expect more military bullying overseas by the US, more currency debasement, more regulation of personal and private affairs, more state kidnappings of dissidents, more poverty, and more misery.

If there is indeed a civil war because of an Obama victory, as Texas Judge Tom Head warned, it will essentially be fascists taking a few pot shots at communists just like in 1939 Germany. Then the comically over-militarized local police would come in to fill the gun-toting rednecks with hollow point rounds and toss the survivors into FEMA camps.

But like TDV correspondent Jim Karger said in his recent excellent article, not only would nothing be different whether it’s Obama or Romney, but the masses will never fight back anyway. They have done a wonderful job of proving that over the preceding decades. They have shown that as the state stole half their income each paycheck, forcibly vaccinated their children, charged them rent to live in their own houses, gave them fines for driving too fast or too slow, and forced thousands of laws upon them so that it is impossible not to break them, and then throw them in cages.

Surely, if Ron Paul were to win the presidency, the dirty bombs would have gone off like firecrackers on Chinese New Year. That’s it. It’s over. Now that Ron Paul is officially out, this ship is definitely as good as sunk. But it probably really didn’t matter anyway. This ship would very likely have gone down even with him at the helm. It would have been like nominating him captain of the Titanic as the great ship rose broken into the air and those poor passengers came falling down, bashing against the inner workings of the great machine. Things are just too far gone.

A libertarian president would just have made the masses blame the inevitable economic and social collapse on unfettered capitalism and other libertarian tenets, leading them to clamor for full blown state controls. Not that a thoroughly ruined US really matters in the bigger picture; the US is 5% of the world population, and except for North Korea, full of the most brainwashed and enslaved people on Earth. From here on in we’ll just take awkward enjoyment in watching them eat each other from our flat screen TVs in Latin America or Asia.

For all the good Ron Paul did in spreading the understanding of liberty to a few million people, his campaign also put the spotlight on the growth of the liberty movement. The mainstream media tried to ignore it. Then they couldn’t. You can bet that the powers that be have taken notice. The Ron Paul followers have been very vocal. And now the psychopaths who run the police state know who the potential troublemakers are. I’m surprised the Ron Paul supporters made it past the goon squad outside the RNC without incident.


Note how the term “anarchist” is already being blacklisted on an almost daily basis. The mainstream media applies this term for a peaceful philosophy to a bunch of anti-government military thugs. You will see more of this, with anyone who questions the role of government — like Ron Paul supporters, libertarians, voluntaryists, and market anarchists — all being lumped together with actual violent militant revolutionaries.

During the next few years, the US will be locked down like a prison. Heck, we may not even get an election (though they may wait till 2016 to cancel the elections when their leftist strongman or strongwoman takes over). The Paulites, libertarians, and anarchists may not be the very first to be disappeared and to fill the FEMA camps, but they’ll certainly get their turn. As happy as we all are that Brandon Raub was released, his treatment should serve as a sobering warning of what’s to come. The police state will play less and less nice in the coming months and years.

“Would you stop worrying about a police state? I see no evidence of a police state.”

I advise prominent people who have labeled themselves as anarchists, anarcho-capitalists or even just libertarian to get out now. Jeffrey Tucker, Adam Kokesh, Lew Rockwell, we would all hate to see you jailed. You could come hide out and relax here in Acapulco with the TDV crew. Plus we are very, very close to launching our new sustainable community in South America, which is why Ken Johnson and I have been here in South America for the past few weeks.

Time is running out for you to get your affairs in order. If you indeed live in the US, we’re sorry, but for goodness sake, please get prepared. Cash in your IRA or at least get it outside the country before the US government nationalizes retirement funds. Buy gold and internationalize it. Get an offshore bank and business in order to keep funds out of the fasco-communist government’s reach. And finally, get a passport. If things get as bad as we think they’re going to get, then you’re going to want a non-US passport. This will vastly increase your odds of getting out of the USSA if they shut down the borders to keep their tax slaves on the farm, as well as make it easier for you to open bank accounts and conduct business in the rest of the world.