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levy broke

The rigged election went as planned. I didn’t work hard enough to get the counter point out. I only sent my letter to the editor once a week for two weeks, without following through to make sure it got printed at least once. This week tells me why it failed to show up in print. The editor writes:

“I’m glad the school levy passed.” She then goes on to wax poetically about the wonders she felt as a child in having money spent on the school she attended.

levy-brokeThis narrow-minded socialism is taught for 12 years in those very schools and for more if the kids don’t find superior sources of information after surviving high school. THE MONEY COMES FROM SOMEWHERE! It is taken from something else that could have been done. It is spent by people who didn’t earn it in ways the earners would have not chosen, obviously did not choose, voluntarily.

Instead of new carpet on the floors where the children live, sleep, play and spend non-school hours with their families and friends, Editor Calvin is pleased they get new carpet at the school they attend part-time. The families and neighbors just have to learn to get by with less because the district couldn’t, or I should say, “Feigned the inability to get by on less.”

In the same issue that announces this wonderful socialist victory, comes an announcement that school days and hours have been cut. Wow. They can do, or not do anything they want for a while. They no longer need our permission to continue with the dollar dump that is the district office. Zero recessional impact on those $80,000 – $110,000 executives, while those whose income average USED TO BE $24,500 before the last year’s worth of job losses, hour and wage cutbacks got to tighten their belts a bit more.

Okay, I’m annoyed. I’ll say it nicer when I calm down… or not.

We were robbed, deceived, cheated …

I’m angry enough now to seriously build this website to serve as a replacement to the Kuna Melba News weekly print edition. Honor and integrity are part of running the letters to the editor section. That lesson has yet to reach their young editor. Could be she will help usher out the end of the age of print in this little corner of the world.