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government class concentrate

More concentrated than frozen orange juice or dried tomatoes, the website Usa Vs US .info is an amazing resource. Therein is a full semester class of college-graduate-level USA government information artfully organized and extensively linked.

Attempting to absorb it in one sitting would be a disservice to the work and to the student. Come to it when you are ready to think and learn. Stay long enough to comprehend and absorb one or two topics. Save the rest for subsequent visits.

The information there is NOT over your head. It is VERY relevant. If the concepts seem like a lot to swallow, that is because you are not taking small enough bites and chewing on them thoroughly.


Again, take one topic. Study it until you think you understand it. Then give your brain time to process it. Mull it over. Think on it. Ideally, you have a partner or several who can discuss it with you. This would be the perfect application for a book club type of arrangement or study group. Barring that, do take your time. Savor the new knowledge.

Warning: The power in this knowledge is huge. Like learning martial arts, getting a brown belt is not the time to feel you know enough to take on the biker gang in a street fight. If you challenge the corporate court system with a little bit of this knowledge, you will lose. I know of many who have.

If, however, you reach a full conversant level (black belt) with this, you will achieve a level of liberty we all should have but few do. I know several who have done this, too. We need you. We need a lot more of you. These people are patriots and champions of liberty just as significant as those who famously dumped tea in the Boston harbor, and those who took up arms against tyrants.