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fact or fiction?

How do you know if your news sources are lying to you? You could have done this exercise many times over the last decade plus, but today’s major news media outlets can easily be compared with those not controlled by the five Bilderberg CEOs.

Did they follow up on the photos of the originally shown accused in the Aurora theater shootings? Did they follow up on the inexplicable blood trail, accomplice opening the door, second gas mask and try to find a source for the military-grade equipment used?

Or are they happy pretending the unlikely story of the lone, unassisted redheaded gunman is IT, and pretending to make news out of the inner workings of their patsy’s psychotropic mind?

Did they air and investigate the video outside the Sikh temple talking about the FOUR gunmen dressed in black who did the shooting? “One of the gunmen are down, so there are three left” he says. Does your news source mention that? … follow up on that?

Or are they playing the irrelevant fiction about the lone white-supremist gunman?

If they are not showing the truth, what value do they have to you?

Stop watching. They are feeding LIES to you that land in your brain alongside truth. The rot will spoil the whole barrel.

Walk away and find reliable news sources.