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The photo on the left spent 12 hours as “the accused shooter” for the Aurora movie theater assault. The photo on the right now occupies mainstream media as “the shooter“. There was a very brief transition period where apologists for the storytellers claimed they were the same man, but now the picture on the left has dead-end links or completely disappeared links to the mainstream media websites who orignially published it.


Evidence that was immediately broadcast by on-scene reporters is disappearing as fast as 9/11/2001 Pentagon videos, WTC rubble and home movies of JFK’s Dallas motorcade. The breathless reports of a trail of blood with a second gas mask tossed aside in the alley, the witness who saw a front-row patron receive a phone call, then prop open the emergency exit nearby and the survivors who saw two shooters have also all disappeared from the mainstream reporting.

Suddenly there are no investigative reporters willing to look into the collection of military-grade gear their halucinogenic supposed mass murderer had. I can’t much blame them – being found guilty of possesing too much knowledge has a strong potential for a very short future. Not everyone professing to be a reporter is as courageous as Daniel Estulin.

Obama/Clinton had scheduled the signing the United Nations small arms control treaty for July 27th. The political arm-twisting and a full-court media press had it a near thing. But the Constitutional resistance appeared to be stronger. Then we have a perfectly-timed shooting one week before the signing, followed with a full week of shooting stories on everything the Bilderberg group owns (all TV, radio, and most print media).

Impressively, gun confiscation by UN troops still did not pass the USA Senate on July 27th.

Never without an alternative, gun ban wording was unsurprisingly ready to attach to an (apparently) unrelated bill coming up for a vote. While the single-issue gun community was abhored, I was quite pleased that they chose to attach it to their Internet Takeover Bill. The justifiably concerned geek and Internet publishing community saw a massive cavalry charging over the hill and down into the valley of death as the gun-owner activists joined them to turn away the assault.

In spite of their perfectly-timed best effort, their Plan B Congressional bill failed too… thanks in part to the coalition they accidentally built. (See, they aren’t perfect)

In a show of anxiety and desparation that should have us all concerned about their near-term plans that seem to require an unarmed populace, Oh-Bam-Bam announced he’s considering an executive order to Get-Er-Done.

Keep in mind that the Executive staff of the Executive branch is legally and legitimately guided, directed and controlled by Executive orders. The rest of us, however, have states who delegated LIMITED AUTHORITY to the feral government. Authority for federal legislation was and is deligated to Congress – NOT El Presidente’.

They know this… and they know many of us know this. Okay, QUICK, what can we do to snap up their guns before our special event in October?
(Okay, they know full well they won’t get all of them, but even HALF would make a huge difference to their side.)

So now “a white supremist” goes on a killing spree in a Sikh church. The major media controllers did a bit better on squashing accidental leaked differing reports from those who saw “four men dressed in black” doing the shooting. (I wonder how long this post-shooting YouTube interview outside the church will stay up. Go look NOW.)

I know how to stop mass shootings in the USA.

Treason trials for all who vote to eliminate our right to bear arms.

Potential gain from planned shootings gone. Motivation gone. Some of the plotters imprisoned.

Add in the conspirators who stole the USA currency, all of the wars would end along with most of the support for the world’s despots and dictators.

Where would we put them all?

Unoccupied FEMA camps come to mind, as do empty prison beds with the end of the prohibition those same *&%$#! maintain.