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Who overloaded the washing machine?

I am regularly finding my mind less available for thinking, remembering and focusing. It is a Hooligans Stew of oppressions current and future. It is the washing machine that the teenager grossly overloaded. It is a mish-mash of threats on the horizon to me, to my community, to my family, that is piled on top of day-to-day living. Buried underneath are attempts to form action plans lying in a heap along with essays and speeches yet unwritten that explain to, and inspire those who should be at our side when THEY finally come for us.

I am this week, once again, having recognized the problem and knowing what it is, working to get all the crap in my brain into separate bags. Then I can deal with one bag at a time and relax a bit on whatever new crap comes into my head … just put it in the proper bag. I’ll deal with it later. Unfortunately each new day brings its own pile of laundry to toss into the overloaded washing machine.

THEY are doing this on purpose. IT is part of THEIR plan. If they can paralyze the activists with an overload of assaults on far too many fronts, they have neutralized their primary enemies.
Turn on the TV.
Grab a beer; heck, grab several.
Bread and circuses can be so much more comfortable.

No. I won’t go where they lead me. I’m hiding behind a tree trying to get my brain to work on this chess game, trying to see a couple of moves ahead. There is an exposed flank coming soon. I just need to anticipate it, and fashion the proper weapon to take advantage of the opening. Meanwhile there are mosquitoes, bees, fire ants, the din of battle, I’m hungry, my rifle is dirty, I’m cut, I’m bruised and the loudspeakers are constantly blaring out how comfortable the FEMA Camps are.

Perhaps I’m getting a glimpse into the minds of the Japanese soldiers who, as they were losing the battle on their tropical island, futilly fixed bayonettes and ran at the overwhelming, American machine gun positions.

I’m not going there. Nobody is invincible. I have to set my bags of crap on the shelf with clear labels so I can toss more crap in the appropriate bags and deal with them whenever their turn really comes up.