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beautiful farewell

A young man with the wind filling his sails, looks over his shoulder and bids farewell to the land of his birth. His beautiful prose artfully encompasses much of the disaster he leaves us in his wake. Why I’m Leaving America, by Michael Fielding, from his blog “Sailboat Diaries”.

Ron Paul campaign

I have observed and pondered the amazing, once-in-a-lifetime campaign of a non-selected contender who almost made it in one of the two arms of the conglomerate who owns the USA. The post below from The Dollar Vigilante convinced me to not bother writing my thoughts down. Jeff Berwick did a GREAT job. Read it here or, my recommendation, with GREAT pictures and links THERE. Fascist Wing of Single USSA Party Not Even Bothering to Pretend Anymore […]

levy broke

The rigged election went as planned. I didn’t work hard enough to get the counter point out. I only sent my letter to the editor once a week for two weeks, without following through to make sure it got printed at least once. This week tells me why it failed to show up in print. The editor writes: “I’m glad the school levy passed.” She then goes on to wax poetically about the wonders she felt as a child in having money spent on the school she attended. This narrow-minded socialism is taught for 12 years in those very schools and for more if the kids don’t find superior sources of information after surviving high school. THE MONEY COMES FROM […]

media consolidation

A handful of CEOs control the content of nearly all the media. They also participate in Bilderberg meetings. This does not even remotely represent a free press.

1 + 1

Sometimes just reporting the news carries risk. I have seen the second report several places shortly after it came out. This new one on top has a fishy-smelling relationship. […]

who’s a prepper now?

“Preppers” are on the list of people that our federal government doesn’t trust, along with Constitutionalists, staunch Christians, people claiming individual or state sovereignty and a host more. But while it is “evil” for individuals or families to prepare for dramatic change, the people making up these lists are preparing for really dramatic change. […]

government class concentrate

More concentrated than frozen orange juice or dried tomatoes, the website Usa Vs US .info is an amazing resource. Therein is a full semester class of college-graduate-level USA government information artfully organized and extensively linked. Attempting to absorb it in one sitting would be a disservice to the work and to the student. Come to it when you are ready to think and learn. Stay long enough to comprehend and absorb one or two topics. Save the rest for subsequent visits. […]

Jury: No Convict!

When it becomes public knowledge in Kansas, you know tyranny has gone too far. I love this story in the non-mainstream news from a Kansas defense attorney. It is what the Fully Informed Jury Association has been telling us for over 20 years. […]

the Constitution of these united states of America

The early Constitution was always spelled thus with only two capitalized words (only two proper nouns): the Constitution of these united states of America. The significance and importance of this is that the states retained primacy and the Constitution united them only within the limited powers defined therein. […]

rigged election

I spent last weekend at the Kuna Days fair peddling a free country. My booth was adjacent to the Kuna School District who was peddling a $6,380,000 tax increase coming up for a vote August 28th. I handed out brochures that I paid for. It isn’t hard to imagine who paid for all of the photocopied materials the school district handed out. […]

fact or fiction?

How do you know if your news sources are lying to you? You could have done this exercise many times over the last decade plus, but today’s major news media outlets can easily be compared with those not controlled by the five Bilderberg CEOs. Did they follow up on the photos of the originally shown accused in the Aurora theater shootings? Did they follow up on the inexplicable blood trail, accomplice opening the door, second gas mask and try to find a source for the military-grade equipment used? Or are they happy pretending the unlikely story of the lone, unassisted redheaded gunman is IT, and pretending to make news out of the inner workings of their patsy’s psychotropic mind? Did […]

presto chango!

The photo on the left spent 12 hours as “the accused shooter” for the Aurora movie theater assault. The photo on the right now occupies mainstream media as “the shooter“. There was a very brief transition period where apologists for the storytellers claimed they were the same man, but now the picture on the left has dead-end links or completely disappeared links to the mainstream media websites who orignially published it. […]