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Bilderberg humor

A study from has determined that President Obama is related to John Punch, the first black African enslaved for life in America–which would make Punch the 11th great-grandfather of Obama.

That makes for great symmetry, but more than that, it shows a Bilderberg group just laughing at us, like our petty little lives are just some big joke.

Via the newly released Executive Order 13603, Obama now claims everything in the country AND the ability to assign anyone military and civilian to any job the executive branch wants them to do.

So on the one hand, he’s going to claim a distant link to someone brought into slavery from Africa, then he comes over from Africa 11 generations later to enslave the whole dang country.

I know, I know, it’s not really Obama .. he’s just the marionette, but he is the name and face they give us for purposes of discussion.

The Bilderbergs do have a sense for irony. They probably did a skit on this in Bohemian Grove years ago to gales of laughter…

Nobody will let us do that. There couldn’t possibly be that many stupid people in this country.

I dunno. It looks like they have a pretty good shot of pulling it off. We are the lucky generation that gets to find out… who get to witness the greatest upheaval humans have ever witnessed on Earth.