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mass murder

The Colorado killing will undoubtably be used to forward the agenda of those who want to control a monopoly on force. They have the laws and, unfortunately, the world wide treaty banning private defense already written. People will debate whether they were waiting for this event or created it. I’ll stay out of that one. [July 22nd update: I changed my mind]

It is crucial that we publish proper perspective.

First off, the slaughter in the movie theater is horrible. Details will come out, but it is sure easy to imagine that responsible gun owners, even if skilled and armed, might not be able to return fire in a dark, smoke-filled theater without serious risk of death or injury to non-perpetrators.

Neverhteless, this has to be compared to the 2 million violent crimes that are stopped or prevented every year in the USA by the presence of privately-owned firearms.

In this era where the dictators of the world are trying to sell a world-wide United Nations treaty banning private ownership of defensive weapons, it is even more important that we remind everyone of the death-by-government numbers in just twentieth century alone.

U.S.S.R.: 20 million deaths
China: 65 million deaths
Vietnam: 1 million deaths
North Korea: 2 million deaths
Cambodia: 2 million deaths
Eastern Europe: 1 million deaths
Latin America: 150,000 deaths
Africa: 1.7 million deaths
Afghanistan: 1.5 million deaths

I’m going to turn this over to other writers who have said it very well in various ways and included numerous great links in their articles… but don’t forget to share all of this. We must counteract the media sales pitch for victim disarmament that will flood the monopoly media and made-politician speaches.

First up … remember that gunman who planned to slaughter a church-full of unarmed victims? Well, Katie Pavlich does.

Next up, there is a GREAT chart by JPFO called The Human Cost of “Gun Control” Ideas. Scroll down a ways on their page to view it. And, of course, their articles are always well written and worth reading.

Over at Lew Rockwell .com, Thomas DiLorenzo backs up a nice, concise article with several good links. His Death by Government: The Missing Chapter is a good one to share in the current news climate.

Gun Owners of America has perhaps the best overview in a comprehensive Gun Control Fact Sheet.

There are volumes of good counter-arguments to what the fascists will be delivering en-mass. Do your patriotic, freedom-loving duty to counter every argument they trot out. Our lives and liberty depend on it.