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submarine life

It is far too late to “Throw that man a life preserver!”
No, it is time to grow gills. Prepare QUICKLY for life under water.


What happens to a household whose debt exceeds their income by three, four or more times?

Unless there is a dramatic change in income, they go down.

The difference, when it is government, is that they print money to make up the shortfall. Then they print more, and more, faster, and faster. But paper money is not wealth. It is certificates claiming existing wealth. The more certificates, the more claims on a fixed amount of wealth. Until the certificates are meaningless and worth nothing at all.

The picture above tells the truth. Government spokesmen are expert, licensed, credintialed liars who do not.

Listen with your brain turned ON.

The picture above is FACT. It actually understates the severity of the situation because the GDP numbers include many activities that have no real value. Many governmental, paper-pushing and luxury services will be completely useless when the world economy reverts to survival mode. What does the world, your nation and your community PRODUCE that people really NEED?

(An important, related question: What can YOU and your family produce that others really need?)

THAT is the foundation of wealth: productivity of things with real value. All else is illusion.

The bottom line is that this economy is going down … hard. The illusion will disappear in a blink. The harsh, grey world will be an extreme shock to you … and worse, if you can imagine it, to those fully immersed in living the dream.


Or if you are not inspired to, study up.

Many answers to your study questions lie in some combination of the categories below.
and, unfortunately, finally, military / paramilitary.

Follow the links. The information is out there and it is excellent. You merely need to trust your brain instead of your ears.

P.S. I am convinced the one great hope for those of us who can claim the Constitution of these united states as The Law of The Land, is the Constitutional Sheriff and a well-designed sheriff’s office. Learn more about that HERE.