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Bilderberg humor

A study from has determined that President Obama is related to John Punch, the first black African enslaved for life in America–which would make Punch the 11th great-grandfather of Obama. That makes for great symmetry, but more than that, it shows a Bilderberg group just laughing at us, like our petty little lives are just some big joke. […]

_____ is watching you

(AP) – The New York Police Department will soon launch an all-seeing “Domain Awareness System” that combines several streams of information to track both criminals and potential terrorists. New York Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly says the city developed the software with Microsoft. Kelly says the program combines city-wide video surveillance with law enforcement databases. He says it will be officially unveiled by New York’s mayor as soon as next week. I don’t know if George Orwell in 1948 was the first to write of a future like this, but I have read many novels whose authors explored the total surveilance state. We shouldn’t be concernced, because they will assign only angels to do the surveilance and only track criminals and […]

hunting “terrorists”

What strikes terror into a politicians heart? The truth about his false claims getting out. What terrifies high level bureaucrats? Losing power or funding. Who are terrorists to bullies in badges? Cameramen catching them. Hundreds of thousands of us are now terrorists. In the USA today, anybody can be called a terrorist. Terrorists have no rights. Terrorists have no protection. […]

Roza Shanina

I found this picture simply to illustrate my ‘new’ rifle. But Roza’s story is strong and touching, compelling me to attach it, rather than use a small piece. So many fine people are destroyed by the greedy and powerful – who run no risk whatsoever in the theaters they build and games they play (the Rothschilds funded Franklin Rosevelt, Joe Stalin AND Adolph Hitler). I found the picture HERE and give them credit, but I copied it to The Fixer website in case the links break or their site goes away before mine. Roza Shanina, Russia, 1944 […]

the scientific method explained

Real scientists are not agenda driven. They developed something called “the scientific method”; an organized way of figuring out the unknown and testing assumptions. They observe something that interests them, then build a hypothesis to explain it. They then methodically throw every bit of evidence they can against that hypothesis. If it withstands every assault, they will document their experiment and publish their findings for “peer review” – offering up everything they know about it and challenging the world to refute or reinforce their theory. I challenge you to try this over the next few weeks with the hypothesis that Eric Holder and the ATF created the Aurora shootings.

mass murder

The Colorado killing will undoubtably be used to forward the agenda of those who want to control a monopoly on force. They have the laws and, unfortunately, the world wide treaty banning private defense already written. People will debate whether they were waiting for this event or created it. I’ll stay out of that one. [July 22nd update: I changed my mind] It is crucial that we publish proper perspective. […]

getting what you pay for

( – House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) said Tuesday that food stamps and unemployment insurance are the two “most stimulative” things you can do for the economy. It used to be common knowledge that You get more of what you encourage and less of what you discourage. That was before we encouraged politicians to lie, cheat and steal, discouraged the media from pointing it out and changed our education system from encouraging thought to training automotons. Now we can have “a national leader” tell us with a straight face that we should encourage more unemployment while ramping up the costs to those who are employed and who are employers. […]

Super OathKeeper

This high official in NSA not only gave up his powerful, lucrative job, he blew the whistle knowing full well the serious threat to life, liberty and property he faced from his employer. YouTube video Ten minutes into the 11 minute video, he articulates why we do it; why those of us who choose to stand up, stand up. It is simply, really. We stand for something. Call it honor, integrity, an oath we took, morality … Some of us believe in the concept of right and wrong.

in his own words

“Trust us” … There are no FEMA camps. There are no plans for locking up citizens by administrative fiat. We respect the Constitution. This is a free country. Obama introduces a small change of plans. I avoid watching politicians when their lips are moving out of respect for their honor and integrity. I made an exception here … and am rewarded with confirmation.

Dr. Blaylock video

Dr. Russell Blaylock, a brain surgeon, does a great job on this video of explaining Obamacare. He puts it into its complete political, historical, economic and cultural perspective. This man not only understands the big picture, he is excellent at making it clear. Dr. Blaylock on Obamacare

July 27th Gun Ban Treaty signing

Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton intend to ban guns via the back-door method of using the United Nations treaty to “control small arms sales” worldwide. They have set the day for signing it: July 27, 2012. See the video here. All of the dictators, communist and fascist governments of the world LOVE gun control. This treaty does not in any way hamper GOVERNMENT purchases of weapons, only those who would resist oppressive governments. The capacity to resist fascist government is, after all, the reason our Constitution insures our right to keep and bear arms. Bad for the oppressors = good for liberty. […]

Santa’s new sleigh

Warnings about the United Nations small arms treaty that is currently trying to become the law of the world brought this picture to me. While I fully appreciate the severity and seriousness of what the dictators of that world body are trying to accomplish, I couldn’t help thinking what a wonderful Christmas present it would be to have that truck back up to my front yard to disgorge its contents. I promise I would find an eager, welcoming, honorable and trustworthy home that would cherish each and every one. It is entirely possible there might even be enough of them to actually share some.