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supremes expose themselves

“In a 5-4 decision on Thursday, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that the individual mandate in Barack Obama’s health care law is constitutional.

The mandate requires individuals to purchase health care coverage.”

Five law school graduates and bar members have demonstrated either massive ignorance or obedience to masters other than those who have been supporting them in high style for most of their adult lives.

In so doing, they have removed all doubt that the US Supreme Court decisions are not relevant to a free country.

There is absolutely NOTHING in The Constitution enabling or even permitting the federal government to mandate the purchase of any product or service.

If in doubt, those five post-retirees could read the simple words of The 9th Amendment for reference.

Ask 100 people on the street above the age of 12 if the federal government can order you to buy lima beans. You will be hard-pressed to find one stupid or ignorant enough to say, “Yes”. Neither the principles nor the facts change when the subject becomes health insurance, General Motors automobiles, American flags or copies of the Koran.

The people of these united states created the states to preserve the natural rights of man. The states created the federal government to serve LIMITED mutual needs. They CLEARLY defined those limited needs in The Constitution.

NOWHERE in that constitution is the supreme court authorized to make decisions about the limit of the federal government of which it is a part. The states limit the power of the federal government. The states are supreme over its child.

This awful decision from The Five Stooges is nothing but proof of federal incapability of limiting federal overreach, any more than irresponsible children are capable of limiting their own misbehavior.

The answer to a federal government that has broken all bonds keeping it within proper limits IS NOT to beg the monster to restrain itself. It is instead, to return to the controls designed into our system of government.

The individuals in a free country are supreme.
The people create local government to meet mutual needs.
They create state government for other limited needs.
Finally, those state governments ALLOW the federal government to represent their mutual needs in limited fashion for limited time.

Yesterday’s stupid decision should serve as a strong reminder that
It is not possible to simultaneously be ignorant and free.

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