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the blue pill

Claire Wolfe nails the question in my head as if she heard me thinking. Her The temptation of the blue pill essay yesterday coincided with my day of introspection on the very same subject.

I’m wrestling with my efforts to unite my community in an effort that can defend their freedom against threats it seems many see clearly. Everywhere I go, aware and concerned people eagerly embrace the idea of the constitutional sheriff as a bulwark against those who would subvert and over-ride our rights to life, liberty and property.

But they want a champion, not a leader. They want a hero, not a team-mate. They are so accustomed to putting on the team colors, pulling up a chair and cheering that they can’t even envision a position for themselves on the field.

“Help. Take action. Do something. Raise money. Buy signs.”

“No, but I’ll tell my friends about the great show you are putting on.”

Oh. Maybe I need to grab myself a beer and plant my posterior in a stadium chair.

No. Claire’s essay was written to me. I can’t just watch. Once you see, you can’t un-see.

As for pulling back, I’ve reviewed my retreat options repeatedly, and it will have to be real ugly before that is our best choice.

I keep imagining the threats will be so clear that my side of the ramparts will bristle with spears. I keep seeing the other side posture, threaten and abuse peaceful people who want nothing but to be left alone. The train of abuses clearly tosses great masses into the defense force.

But they just lie there stunned.

Don’t wait for the kicking to stop. It won’t. Somebody has to stop it. You have to stop it.

I am definitely wrestling with it, but think I’m seeing glimmers of light.

Football players hang out with football players. Cops hang out with cops. Revenooers hang out with revenooers. Bilderbergs hang out with bilderbergs. Skydivers hang out with skydivers.

My challenge may be to find others toting a lance around.