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Physicians for Free Medical Care

I have discovered that THE ANSWER to ObamaCare, which is quite obviously unaffordable, is FREE medical care. I am hereby announcing the formation of a new organization of the most humanitarian medical practicioners on the planet today: Physicians for Free Medical Care. […]

turn on the light

I lived my first 50 years in Sonoma County, California – according to famous botanist Luther Burbank, “The finest place on earth as far as nature is concerned”. As I gained enlightenment, I fit less and less culturally, until I did not fit at all. Hedonistic socialism is the opposite of dignity and self-respect. My answer was to move to a place where more people understood personal responsibility and liberty. While still surrounded by statists, there are enough of us to form a critical mass. How many layabouts does it take to conquer the world? […]

supremes expose themselves

“In a 5-4 decision on Thursday, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that the individual mandate in Barack Obama’s health care law is constitutional. The mandate requires individuals to purchase health care coverage.” Five law school graduates and bar members have demonstrated either massive ignorance or obedience to masters other than those who have been supporting them in high style for most of their adult lives. In so doing, they have removed all doubt that the US Supreme Court decisions are not relevant to a free country. There is absolutely NOTHING in The Constitution enabling or even permitting the federal government to mandate the purchase of any product or service. […]

MAP 21

I’m sure you know of Agenda 21, the United Nations plan for one world government. A crucial piece of that, as you can imagine, is a disarmed populace. They are working on that from many directions. Their sensationalist misleading media hasn’t convinced the USA majority that being disarmed is a good thing. Direct disarmament bills have failed in Congress. But they will not quit. Map 21 (note the name similarity) is the plan to pick one group and disarm them. […]

Oath Keepers

Most of us are online enough to know NDAA, presidential orders and federal agency rules over the last six months are building a serious and imminent threat to life and liberty across the USA, including our own neighborhoods. I’ve recently spent time with 20 or so groups, all of which are concerned at least a little, but most are really concerned. Oath Keepers is one of two that has a positive direction; real action that can and should be taken to do something proactive to prevent the most egregious destructions of our liberties. Stocking up and hunkering down at this point is to succumb to fear, naievete or confusion. That path leads directly to regrets… “I should have done something […]

in your face

I suspect rather than coincidence, that these guys have a perverse sense of humor coupled with complete disdain for the intelligence and awareness of the peasants. Their MAP 21 is another brick in the Agenda 21 wall to incarcerate and enslave the masses. The following arrived as an e-mail action alert. I’m posting it here as it gives a good explanation of the trick they are trying to pull on a significant, but minority group of gun owners … who have the right to self defense just as much as any other human on this planet. […]

the blue pill

Claire Wolfe nails the question in my head as if she heard me thinking. Her The temptation of the blue pill essay yesterday coincided with my day of introspection on the very same subject. I’m wrestling with my efforts to unite my community in an effort that can defend their freedom against threats it seems many see clearly. Everywhere I go, aware and concerned people eagerly embrace the idea of the constitutional sheriff as a bulwark against those who would subvert and over-ride our rights to life, liberty and property. But they want a champion, not a leader. They want a hero, not a team-mate. They are so accustomed to putting on the team colors, pulling up a chair and […]