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little things matter

The things you learn outside of school…
From The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History by Thomas Woods:

Lyndon Johnson appeared to have lost his first run for the U.S.A. Senate, but at the last minute it was “discovered” that 203 people in one precinct in the town of Alice, Texas had voted at the last minute, 202 of whom voted for Johnson … in alphabetical order! Johnson “won by 87 votes.

His opponent, Texas governor Coke Stevenson appealed, but Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black upheld the result. Four years after Johnson’s death, the election judge in Alice admitted that he helped rig the election.

Sadly, little blips in history foster dramatic events.

Vice President Lyndon Johnson checked out the Vietnam situation for President Kennedy and advised participation. Kennedy did involve USA troops, but grew weary of it and started withdrawing the USA.

JFK also signed a fateful executive order directing the USA Treasury Department to take the currency back from the private banking corporation known as The Federal Reserve. Two months later, Kennedy was assasinated. New President Johnson’s first executive order reversed Kennedy’s last.

Johnson also reversed Kennedy’s withdrawal from USA’s early involvement in Vietnam’s civil war. In the next five years, LBJ would control the massive escalation of men, machines, death and destruction to the Vietnam meat grinder. USA Generals, officers and soldiers complained bitterly about very specific restrictions and controls from LBJ’s White House throughout the next five years insuring the war could not be won.

Never attribute to stupidity in high office that which evil explains better.

Money and power transfered thanks to that ongoing war. Somewhere between One Million and Six Million people were slaughtered, many times that injured and maimed, with families, cultures and countries forever scarred.

202 last-minute votes in alphabetical order. Little stuff matters. What if honorable people had been poll-watching in Alice, Texas that evening?