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feeling threatened yet?

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while, but Jeff Berwick beat me to it. I am unlikely to be able to do better, and now far less inspired to try. While I post the text here, the hot-links probably make it well worth seeing it in its original posting: ten-ways-the-us-is-worse-than-it-was-in-1947/” […]

little things matter

The things you learn outside of school… From The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History by Thomas Woods: Lyndon Johnson appeared to have lost his first run for the U.S.A. Senate, but at the last minute it was “discovered” that 203 people in one precinct in the town of Alice, Texas had voted at the last minute, 202 of whom voted for Johnson … in alphabetical order! Johnson “won by 87 votes. His opponent, Texas governor Coke Stevenson appealed, but Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black upheld the result. Four years after Johnson’s death, the election judge in Alice admitted that he helped rig the election. Sadly, little blips in history foster dramatic events. Vice President Lyndon Johnson checked out the […]

how to NOT shoot a revolver

I have taught a number of people to shoot a revolver. I love revolvers as first weapons because they are so easy to understand and thus operate safely. Better still, they can be very accurate, fun to shoot and, in .38+P and above, very effective self-defense tools. But I never even thought of a wrong way to do it. This is a serious oversight. If the teacher never shows THIS, a non-mechanical type might easily hurt themselves with a comfortable, but incorrect grip. Go watch this short video: How to NOT shoot a revolver.

Apaches and Oath Keepers

The Idaho National Guard says the first four AH-64D Apache Longbow helicopters have arrived at Gowen Field for training and possible future deployments. By 2013, Gowen will have 24 of these aircraft. The state-of-the-art helicopters cost about $20 million a piece and can fly about 160-170 miles per hour. […]

are you one?

The Department of Justice has published a Terrorism and Criminal Extremism guide for government forces so they can learn how to recognize enemies of the state. You might want to check it out so you can know which side of the ramparts you occupy. This is good information for all. I mean, after all, you should know which jersey you are wearing before game time. […]

thank you

Just when I’m down a bit thinking that the sheep will sleep until they are butchered, along comes a video showing awakefulness. This is a very nice, upbeat message: Ron Paul YouTube video

paper dollars

Many of us are educated in Austrian Economics. Far more are not. The language barrier seems formidable when we are trying to help our family, friends and acquaintences understand and insure themselves against the frailty of an economy based entirely on promises made of paper, ink and the honor of men in power. […]

prison capital of the world

Exerpts here from an excellent article are intended to tempt you to go read it there. The real short summary is: The prison system IS NOT doing what we wish it would. It creates more crime, rather than reduce crime. The USA has more slaves today than at the start of the Civil War. Click on the title below to read the full article, complete with links to supporting documents. World’s Prison Capital is Also #1 in For-Profit Prisons […]

Constitutional Posse

Richard Mack and other Constitutional Sheriff leaders have created an information website with a sign up page for those who seek to participate. They are building a national Constitutional Posse. This is a very important organization for lovers of liberty in the USofA. The sheriff can be, should be and committed to being the preeminant law officer in the county that elected him. He can and should protect the people of the county from ALL enemies regardless of the gang or group they are members of. Go to the Constitutional Sheriff and Peace Officer page. Study up. Become a member of the posse. They will send you daily e-mails chock full of information, education and action items.