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modern world at risk?

Our world is dominated by electronics. Black boxes make things possible that simply weren’t a decade ago. Dramatic gains in turning hydrocarbons cleanly into power have made electronics central to transportation, electricity, food, water and information. The presence of these words in front of you are dependent on electronics in many, many ways.

Your car getting you to the grocery store and the presence of ANY PRODUCT in that store once you get there are dependent on electronics. The running water in your house, the heat and air conditioning are electronics at work.

I’m sure you understand the point. Now wouldn’t you think it in EVERYBODY’S best interest to know of a threat to all of this? Doesn’t is seem obvious that a threat assesment should be as honest as possible?

Well, surprisingly among actual grown-ups, there are apparently two schools of thought on this. Unsurprisingly, the one that makes no sense at all is a government agency that wants to assure everyone that the once-a-century solar storm season coming over the next two years is not a threat.

The other, populated by people with some expertise on the subject and formed by the power distributors, says their electronics are vulnerable. The lack of planning and preparation has our whole modern world at risk.

I would feel a lot more comfortable if this discussion were being held in the open. Funny how I’m not reassured that government appointees have it all under control.

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