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What’s the quickest way to eliminate the public burden of national debt?

The shortest route to economic recovery and stability?

Happily, it is also the quickest way to remove power from the central bankers. Happier still, it removes their ability to wage international wars of conquest… oh, I mean spreading democracy so favored organizations can sell us stuff instead of unfavored ones.

Stop using Federal Reserve notes.

What is the one thing the central bankers and their embedded employees cannot let happen? Allow competing currencies.

What should be a major priority for seekers of a free country?

Real money.

Competing currencies.

People decide what medium of exchange they prefer. If you like pieces of paper, great. Use them. Stash them. Exchange with others who like them. Collect all varieties. If you like conch shells, use them. Solid gold or silver is your preference … Well I sure gotta respect that. The word, “Solid” was a dead giveaway.

So what’s stopping us?

Nothing, really. Nobody can lawfully force you to accept paper issued by the private banking corporation known as the Federal Reserve any more than they can force you to use paper issued by the Federal Express, Federal Equipment Company, or Federal Ammunition companies.

Actually, “Nothing” isn’t quite correct. “Nothing but force” or “Nothing but illegal application of power” are more correct. While in 1913 the federal government appeared to grant the Federal Reserve of a monopoly on money printing, they actually couldn’t and, therefore, didn’t (assuming the Constitution means anything at all).

Now that the fiat (unbacked paper) currency is obviously on the brink of collapse, more and more people are finding the most obvious way out.

You, I, we, didn’t create the debt. We didn’t profit from it. We didn’t ask for it. WE DON’T OWN IT.

Walk away. Let the money changers have their fiat currency. Let them wallow in it. Let them jump into their swimming-pools full of it.

I am pleased to see this idea come up more and more. I encourage you to embrace it, to champion it, to encourage it and to be a part of it. This is all good news:

South Carolina legislature going for the gold

John Stossel on giving the fed some competition

The Tenth Amendment Center tracking real money progress

Of course you don’t have to wait for your state legislators to approve your use of hard money. Silver and gold are readily available. Get some. Use it. Save it. Fondle it. Revel in the recognition its value is thousands of years old VS the federal reserve note that is unlikely to survive past its 100-year birthday.

Of course you may want the help of your state legislature or a constitutional sheriff if The Power decides to squash the competition. THAT is something you should be working on now.