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modern world at risk?

Our world is dominated by electronics. Black boxes make things possible that simply weren’t a decade ago. Dramatic gains in turning hydrocarbons cleanly into power have made electronics central to transportation, electricity, food, water and information. The presence of these words in front of you are dependent on electronics in many, many ways. […]

Ted Dunlap for sheriff: U-Tube video

Elizabeth Alan Hodge interviewed me at the recent Boise gun show for her U-Tube station, “F.Y.Idaho”. I think this provides a good overview of who I am and what my campaign for Ada County Sheriff is about. F Y Idaho – sheriff interview

unsurprises of the secret service

You gotta be kidding??? There’s some big deal all over the news media about Secret Service using prostitutes? For their entire careers they work to protect prostitutes, are surrounded by prostitutes, need to resist blabbing about the base, evil character of those prostitutes, watch their protectees lie, cheat, steal, rape and pillage, and suddenly the protectors who are most higly prized for their discretion in the brothel that is Washington DC, are under scrutiny for patronizing women who honestly and openly exchange sex for money. […]

Patriot’s Day Proclaimation

I typed out the proclaimation from the Idaho governor that I am scheduled to read and share with you below. It is good to realize, remember and commemerate what these farmers faced. I continue to be impressed with what Terry Shepard accomplished by getting this event created via the Idaho legislature and by working and organizing every year for seven years now to present it to the people on the capitol steps. It is unfortunately raining at this moment and threatening to rain the whole thing out. The odds on anyone coming to stand in the rain for an hour are slim-to-none, plus none of the period-outfitted speakers want to ruin their costumes. Terry has us standing by for a […]

Patriot’s Day

I have a speaking gig tomorrow at high noon. I share the cause with you here: PATRICK HENRY, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN AND BETSY ROSS WILL APPEAR ON THE STEPS OF THE IDAHO CAPITOL FOR PATRIOT’S DAY COMMEMORATION Colonial Patriots will appear on the steps of the Idaho Capitol on April 19th, 12:00 P.M to commemorate the Battles of Lexington and Concord Massachusetts in 1775 which began the American Revolutionary War. […]

honest money

What’s the quickest way to eliminate the public burden of national debt? The shortest route to economic recovery and stability? Happily, it is also the quickest way to remove power from the central bankers. Happier still, it removes their ability to wage international wars of conquest… oh, I mean spreading democracy so favored organizations can sell us stuff instead of unfavored ones. Stop using Federal Reserve notes. What is the one thing the central bankers and their embedded employees cannot let happen? Allow competing currencies. What should be a major priority for seekers of a free country? Real money. […]

are you busy yet?

I’ve read that the way to get something done is to give it to a busy person. They get stuff done. There may actually be a limit to that. I’m testing. I’ll get back to you on that. The question of the day was, “Where did all my time go?”. So I started organizing. First step in organizing is, of course, to make a list. Oh. No wonder. […]

the point?

In the April 4th Kuna Melba News, Steven Ricks reported on the Republican caucus. He observed that three presidential candidates actually came to Idaho for the first time in, well, forever. His tepid review of those events (“tedious and entirely uninspiring”) implied that he didn’t come to any of the packed, enthusiastic Ron Paul appearances. My wife and I did, and regardless of the Republican delegate results, we are grateful to have experienced one of those in our lifetimes. […]