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mission statement

Several months ago my wife and I tripped over a group of like-minded individuals studying The Law by Frederic Bastiat. It was exciting, stimulating and joyful to be a part of. But, like so many groups of truly independent thinkers, there have been collisions of strong personalities resulting in [unnecessary] attrition.

Liberty has no chance at all if we cannot agree to accept our differences and focus on our united needs. The remaining group agreed to review our foundation. When we agree on this, we can begin building from there. Below is my draft Mission Statement that we will be discussing at the first meeting of our fresh start.

Mission Statement

The Constitution of these united states, including The Bill of Rights provided a good foundation for a vital, free country.

We the General Assembly of Idaho are united in our concern about the multitude of ways the federal government and bureaucracies of the U.S.A. have over-reached their lawful authority.

We the people of Idaho are united by our desire to protect and defend ourselves and our communities against assaults on our life, liberty, property and pursuit of happiness.

The individuals of this General Assembly resolve to work together to educate ourselves, our families, our friends and our neighbors about the most serious threats to our liberties and appropriate responses to those threats.

Just as this country’s founders, we recognize and accept great differences among us in backgrounds, beliefs and motivations. We are determined to celebrate our individualities, respect personal liberties, honor alternate views and unite to defend to our utmost ability the freedom to be ourselves and enjoy the fruits of our existence.

While resolute in our agreement to declare no war with any person or agency, we are determined to defend liberty against assaults from all enemies foreign or domestic.