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I updated my “about idaholiberty.compage. Lest you (horror of all horrors) miss the fruits of my labor, I duplicate it here as a post. The big change is a result of my ideas on the copyright laws which threaten to be the tools THEY use to destroy the freedom of speech, thought and resistance that is the Internet.


The truth is out there.

Little pieces of it are right here.

It will not seek you.

Passive acceptance of the propaganda that is delivered to you will assure you of the fate its producers have in mind for you.

I shouldn’t need to say it, but these ideas and collection of words are presented here for your use. Share them, rephrase them, link to them, quote them as you wish. I won’t pretend my thoughts aren’t the offspring of others, nor should anyone else pretend theirs are of their own independent creation to be protected by governmental censorship or legal machinations.

Packaging it in handsome, familiar clothes called “copyright laws” or modern duds called “intellectual property” the concept that caveman number two cannot make his own fire without paying the first guy is pretty darn absurd.

I write for the same reason a chicken lays eggs. (This stuff simply pops out because it must.) Theoretically, it would be good to get paid for it, but then I would be required to write with a certain regularity, quite unlike the surges of inspiration that produce my websites.

If you are so moved, send some coin to:
Ted Dunlap
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