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the standard bearer

standard-bearerFor centuries standard bearers were critical elements in battle. This wasn’t silliness, but served important purposes, evidenced by the total prevalence in all fighting societies. The flag or emblem on a tall staff rallied the troops.

Seeing the standard above the melee encouraged fighters that their compatriots were still in the fight. It gave a visible rallying point to gather sufficient numbers to fight their way to the objective, or fight their way out to live and fight another day. Troops who fought by themselves or within the limits of who they could see in their immediate vicinity were easily overrun by the forces gathered around an opposing standard bearer.

This year the twin prongs of fascism have played their hand. They have moved from incrementalism into blatant fascism. I think they overestimate their strength and our weakness. But it is not a sure thing. Our liberties are at risk from formidable organized forces.

I am encouraged by the widespread recognition of the numerous dangers we face. Young and old, conservative and liberal, modern and old-fashioned, everywhere I go I hear frustration, anger AND, most importantly, a strong interest in throwing the fascists out of office.

I have been a Libertarian activist for fifteen years, speaking of freedom, liberty and resistance to fascism to polite audiences of friends, family, acquaintances, groups, radio audiences, halls and twice on live, state-wide television.

NEVER in all of that time have I experienced a positive reception 19 out of 20 times. Over the last year there has been a dramatic shift – a widespread, dramatic shift. PEOPLE ARE FED UP. People are finally ready – IN DROVES – to embrace a real change in government, to work for that change and to vote for that change.

In spite of the best efforts of a controlled mass media, and a rigged party mechanism, RON PAUL’s campaign is a powerhouse. As inspiring and wonderful as Ron Paul is, this power is not his, it is the result of this massive shift in the people themselves. He is the standard bearer.

The 70% who had written off the process, or who had allowed others to choose between Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum are PISSED! The regular voters and the R&D choices clearly made a mess. Now the vast majority want a real, honest, serious change! They have had enough with the empty promises, they are ready to look at the people making those promises for the first time in my life.

Those of us who have consistently supported the liberty and individual freedom of a strictly limited government finally have an eager audience… and a surprising amount of support. Liberty, it turns out, is popular. It is entirely possible, and I think even probable that Libertarian candidates will be the standard bearer in the most important election of our lives.

You don’t have to be the bravest soldier on the field. You need not be the biggest, strongest or the best fighter. What you need is the courage and the willingness to pick up the standard and carry it as best you can towards the objective of everyone’s right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Contact your local election department today. The Idaho filing deadline is next Friday, March 9th. You will be amazed at the support rallying around the standard of Liberty from the very moment you choose to pick it up off the ground.


Here is one example of an everyday person willing to pick up the standard and run for one of the most important offices in the USA, the county sheriff.