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No sooner do I pose the question than someone publishes a complete book as an answer. Well, not exactly. The book was published in 2009, but the review of it came to me this morning. We’ve allowed elected and unelected EMPLOYEES make much of what we commonly do illegal. Thus anytime we piss them off, or they are feeling onery, or pompous, or whimsy strikes, we lose everything. Okay, before I run off at the keyboard, on to the review: Three Felonies a Day reviewed by Wendy McElroy

ugly Americans

Are Americans far and away the most immoral, evil, destructive, anti-social, mean and nasty people on the planet? … Just checking. … The reason I ask is I don’t know of another explanation for this (unless we are just plain stupid):


I went to the Egyptian Theater last night to see the movie Thrive. It turned out to be more of an event than just a movie. It is more a movement than an event. In fact, that is what their website is called, Thrive Movement .com. The movie is worth seeing, the video worth buying, the event worth participation and the movement worth joining. If you are paying attention and, therefore, concerned, the Thrive Movement offers more hope than anything I am aware of, including my run for sheriff, the Sheriff’s First movement, the Libertarian Party, Ron Paul’s candidacy, the Tea Party, and just about anything else that lands liberty lovers on the FEMA roll call list. […]

Abe’s upgrade

I haven’t been to the Lincoln Memorial since I was stationed at Fort Lee Virginia a couple of lifetimes ago. I didn’t remember it looking like this, but I’m really impressed that Lincoln had a good side heretofore unknown to me. […]

One Big Thing

Our March 15th Kuna Chamber of Commerce luncheon featured a dynamic, inspirational speaker: Ronda Conger. Most of us have heard it before, but she was excellent, and helped me focus NOW. She challenged each of us to chose and write down the One Big Thing we wanted. Then make it happen. My big thing is too big. It is too complicated. It depends on too many other people. I am already working on it. My One Big Thing simply won’t fit on a one big thing list. I have to keep slogging away as time permits realizing if things don’t go well I’ll at least know I tried. […]

quote trio

My daily dose of Liberty Quotes included a trio that begged to be shared together. They provide a compelling argument for procuring and reading FDR: My Exploited Father-In-Law. Of course if you have been paying attention this will merely add further confirmation that the POTUSA is a puppet; the puppetmasters have been in charge for 150 years. […]

dog selection

A lovely post by Claire Wolfe with cute dog pictures and comments inspired me to play back our conversion from the between-dogs state to where we so happily are today. […]


I updated my “about” page. Lest you (horror of all horrors) miss the fruits of my labor, I duplicate it here as a post. The big change is a result of my ideas on the copyright laws which threaten to be the tools THEY use to destroy the freedom of speech, thought and resistance that is the Internet. […]

mission statement

Several months ago my wife and I tripped over a group of like-minded individuals studying The Law by Frederic Bastiat. It was exciting, stimulating and joyful to be a part of. But, like so many groups of truly independent thinkers, there have been collisions of strong personalities resulting in [unnecessary] attrition. Liberty has no chance at all if we cannot agree to accept our differences and focus on our united needs. The remaining group agreed to review our foundation. When we agree on this, we can begin building from there. Below is my draft Mission Statement that we will be discussing at the first meeting of our fresh start. […]

the standard bearer

For centuries standard bearers were critical elements in battle. This wasn’t silliness, but served important purposes, evidenced by the total prevalence in all fighting societies. The flag or emblem on a tall staff rallied the troops. Seeing the standard above the melee encouraged fighters that their compatriots were still in the fight. It gave a visible rallying point to gather sufficient numbers to fight their way to the objective, or fight their way out to live and fight another day. Troops who fought by themselves or within the limits of who they could see in their immediate vicinity were easily overrun by the forces gathered around an opposing standard bearer. This year the twin prongs of fascism have played their […]

five a day is all we ask

Homeland Security is apparently underemployed. We must do our patriotic duty to help employ and amuse them. They apparently need to find the following words in use online to give themselves something fearful to look for. Do your fair share and use them frequently. […]