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Constitutional Sheriffs

In my neighborhood, filing to run for office in the upcoming November election opens Monday and closes three weeks later. Your county or state elections department is happy to explain the rules in your neighborhood.

NOW is the time to start one of the strongest peaceful programs capable of reigning in the fascists. Run you or someone else for Sheriff of your county. The county sheriff is the top law enforcement officer in each and every county under the Constitution of these united states.

There are over a hundred of them today who are acting on that law. Retired Sheriff Tom Mack, who won the famous “you cannot make us enforce the Brady law” case in the supreme court is one of the creators of this organization and movement.

There is plenty of precedent, information and support at the Constitutional Sheriff and Police Officer Association. I’ll help with information and campaign suggestions as we develop them for my race.

Find someone brave, foolish or, as in my case, who figures ‘this is safer than waiting to be scooped up’ to run for the office. Build a team and GO FOR IT. The law is on your side … if you seriously want it to be.