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sleeping through it

cavemanThe BBC News published a great article on natural human sleep patterns. It is nice every time my “counter-culture” tuning in to what my body is wanting gets support from academia. I’ve tried it both ways, but sometimes I waken in the middle of the night and decide getting up to read and even write might be more pleasant and return me to sleep faster than laying awake increasingly anxious that I get back to sleep. Gosh, the article even mentions the advantages of a little middle of the night ‘rasslin’ if’n your partner happens to be un-sleepy at the same time.

I have grown to question so many pronouncements on what we should do with or how we should treat our bodies. Even while I was an addicted cigarette smoker my friends and family would sometimes refer to me as “Mr Natural”. It was and is an expansion of the “If it feels good, do it” philosophy that I haven’t heard articulated in a long time.

I cannot count the times the over-confident, over-indoctrinated AMA-guild members have given counter-intuitive advice that my body later proved was incorrect, useless and even counter-productive. A decade or so ago the AMA’s own statistic placed medical mistakes as the 6th most frequent cause of death in the USA. I don’t think the odds have improved.

Take control of your own health.

I once questioned a prescription for gout before reflexively popping a regimen of prescribed pills. Thank you Internet. The pills might have helped, but a sore toe VS a destroyed liver and other internals was not a desirable tradeoff. Besides, it turns out a diet change fixed the problem right away without negative side effects. The AMA-FDA duopoly almost removed that wisdom from our culture.

Listen to your body. Accept the wisdom of those little voices in your head.

I could go on with numerous stories, but suffice it to say, you need to question what you are being told is right, proper and necessary. When it runs counter to what feels right, proper and necessary, run the arguments through your own calculator. I use my “caveman comparison”. I try to figure out what my mind and body would be doing without the modern trappings and mythologies. I measure THAT for fit with the body and world I inhabit today.

If your driving force in life is conformity, I cannot recommend this view. Otherwise, it is worthy of consideration. Lengthen the leash on your own thoughts. You might like where they lead.