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feral subsidies

Encourage what you want more of; discourage what you want less of. My wife just finished a 5-week dog training course. We are reminded that dogs, children and adult humans all respond to the same rules. So what is the U.S.A. Department of Agriculture want? – and why?


As a side note, the grain subsidy includes massive corn subsidies to put ethanol into our automotive fuel supply which makes it unstable for long-term storage and eats components of all but the most modern fuel delivery systems in our automobiles.

Grain is also a major component of livestock feed, thus converting a significant portion of that category into their already disproportionate meat/dairy subsidy.

The main point is that the wealthy can more easily afford to eat well than the poor can. Does somebody in the control tower want the masses unhealthy, overweight, unclear of thought and short on initiative?

You’ll have to come up with a more benign answer for yourself. I can’t.