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el futuro

The European online version of the New York Times has this hopeful article. Higuera de la Serena is in many ways a microcosm of Spain’s troubles. Just as Spain’s national and regional governments are struggling with the collapse of the construction industry, overspending on huge capital projects and a pileup of unpaid bills, the same problems afflict many of its small towns… But what has brought Higuera de la Serena a measure of fame in Spain is that the residents have stepped up where their government has failed… […]

Constitutional Sheriffs

In my neighborhood, filing to run for office in the upcoming November election opens Monday and closes three weeks later. Your county or state elections department is happy to explain the rules in your neighborhood. NOW is the time to start one of the strongest peaceful programs capable of reigning in the fascists. Run you or someone else for Sheriff of your county. The county sheriff is the top law enforcement officer in each and every county under the Constitution of these united states. There are over a hundred of them today who are acting on that law. Retired Sheriff Tom Mack, who won the famous “you cannot make us enforce the Brady law” case in the supreme court is […]

sleeping through it

The BBC News published a great article on natural human sleep patterns. It is nice every time my “counter-culture” tuning in to what my body is wanting gets support from academia. I’ve tried it both ways, but sometimes I waken in the middle of the night and decide getting up to read and even write might be more pleasant and return me to sleep faster than laying awake increasingly anxious that I get back to sleep. Gosh, the article even mentions the advantages of a little middle of the night ‘rasslin’ if’n your partner happens to be un-sleepy at the same time. I have grown to question so many pronouncements on what we should do with or how we should […]

beach ball

Many of us who understand currency, money and the cesspool of central banking know that silver and gold answer a lot of what is wrong politically, socially and economically. Heck, if we walked away from fiat currencies en-mass, the wars would end within weeks. I am in good company watching for up-to-date silver prices along with price history in nicely-assembled charts. As the silver prices start to bounce back up beyond the control of the Bilderbergs who would have you naked to their fiat currencies, my mind goes to an image of a kid trying to hold a beach ball underwater in the Pacific surf. It regularly threatens to escape and often pops up well above the surface. They […]

learning music

I’m in a play-it-again concert band like these New Horizons bands.. One of the musicians just sent this thank-you out to us: Today I pass the three quarter century mark and I want to tell you all how appreciative I am of being able to make organized sound with you. Music is a life sport. When you become too fragile to stay with the NFL, it’s time to renew our acquaintance with the horn (or swyonette). Let’s hope the schools don’t do away with music. That would be a tragedy bigger than cancelling football. I wholeheartedly share the sentiment, but my conclusion is 180-degrees out. […]

Five Bees

Last week I posted the results of our community preparedness meeting here. The high-priority concerns from that list are: hyperinflation, martial law, fuel cost doubling (in dollars) and personal job loss. The appropriate responses are: beans, bullets, bullion, barter, belong, strengthen community, community preps and a constitutional sheriff utilizing a neighborhood policing model. I’ll explain what they mean. […]

guilty as charged

” (Reuters) – Anti-government extremists opposed to taxes and regulations pose a growing threat to local law enforcement officers in the United States, the FBI warned on Monday” … “Routine encounters with police can turn violent “at the drop of a hat,” said Stuart McArthur, deputy assistant director in the FBI’s counterterrorism division.” […]

feral subsidies

Encourage what you want more of; discourage what you want less of. My wife just finished a 5-week dog training course. We are reminded that dogs, children and adult humans all respond to the same rules. So what is the U.S.A. Department of Agriculture want? – and why? […]

probability X severity = importance

After advertising at and in the Kuna/Melba Newspaper, six of us met in the Kuna Community Hall to discuss some possible disasters that might befall our community and to rank them by the probability, severity and importance of their taking place. The way this is done is to brainstorm through what any of us think might happen. Then put odds on it happening. For simplicity sake, I used an “out of ten” scale for most possibilities. We, for example, felt there was about ten out of ten odds that inflation will at least continue in 2012 at the rate we experienced in 2011. […]