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boy dents car

Kuna woman cited after hitting student in crosswalk

Deputies are urging drivers to use extra caution in and around school zones, after a Kuna student was hit Thursday morning. The Ada County Sheriff’s Office says a 13-year-old boy was in a marked crosswalk at North Ten Mile Road near Boise Street. A driver heading north on Ten Mile Road didn’t see him and hit him, causing the boy to be knocked to the ground. The boy was taken to the hospital for a leg injury and the 36-year-old driver was issued a citation.

Ada County Sheriff’s Office provides the following tips when driving in and around school zones …

The article closes with tips automobile pilots should use “in school zones”. Naturally enough, I am dissatisfied with the thinking, or lack thereof in the article. Sure, the driver is at fault – some. Perhaps she was talking on her cell phone, texting or fiddling with kids in the back seat as she personally delivered them to their school. Maybe she was daydreaming, or visibility was poor, or she was crying over an argument, or the windshield was dirty …

At 13, in some societies, a male is considered an adult, a man. For sure, he is old enough to think a bit for himself. That is, if thinking hasn’t been trained or drained out of him. So a 90 pound human of flesh and bone strolls out in front of a mass of steel rolling down the road towards him at triple the speed, 5 times the width and 30 times the weight of a football running back.

I don’t know when our society completely lost it, but my parents, in fact all of the adults helping guide my formative years stressed that you don’t walk out in front of moving cars or trucks. The lessons seemed so, uh, commonsense to me that they stuck for a lifetime. Heck, I don’t even let my dog do that.

But neither the news agency nor police agency spokesman once mention, “Hey kids, look both ways. Don’t step in front of big, heavy machines coming at you.” They never suggest that parents or teachers point out the hazards latent in our roadways. They have semesters on “Don’t smoke pot” without even finding a way to mention in 8 years of government training centers that cars can hurt you???

Stupider still, this mentality throws a fantasy-land protective force field around sets of government buildings, but when the children and young adults get 1,000 yards away they are suddenly fair game? C’mon, both drivers and pedestrians need to pay attention to each other as best they can EVERYWHERE they can potentially come together with injurious results.

I’m not real fond of slowing down to 20mph in unoccupied school zones, but I willingly, consistently, of my own volition slow down dramatically and go on high alert anytime I drive a car, truck or motorcycle towards people and animals; more so the younger, more exuberant and more distracted they may be.