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bye bye Auntie Em

tornado-smallA cheerie little article at explains that for 63% of USA adults, economic collapse is their #1 fear. It goes on to explain how fully justified that is; how rational that 63% is being.

Their fears are well founded. The economic collapse will be far and away the most catastrophic event in their family’s history. Unfortunately, that’s a child’s bare foot print compared the the crushing jackboot of The Plan‘s other half.

Elected and unelected officials have spent far more than their organizations took in. The devious worked with the stupid to centralize and destroy governments, economies and cultures. The ignorant believed what they were told, or at least believed that the show wasn’t all that important to their lives.

Now the governments of the world, with collapsing credit ratings, unable to borrow the cash to keep operating, are having to “collateralize” the loans.

So what?
What’s that mean?

Your credit rating slid such that you can no longer go to your banker and get a signature loan. They want the title to your fully-insured $10,000 Corvette before they will loan you $3,000. All of the governments of the world are now in THAT position.

cash-storeThe key questions you should be asking:
What are they using as collateral?
Who is loaning them money?

I’ll answer those questions with questions.
What do the politicians control?
Who got 95 dollars out of every 100 that they printed?

I’ll toss out a couple more hints. Politicians control governments, the land governments claim to own, government buildings, highways, dams, ships, planes, military machines, public schools and 30% or more of the economy of their nation.

With, I think, the exception of China’s, the Central Banks of the world are all operated by the same handful of international bankers. These same guys also run little clubs called The Bilderberg Group, The Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, G20, G8 and many more. They also own every major corporation including all the major media.

If that’s not enough to make you realize how serious the situation is, the huge implications in the following tidbit of news from the LewRockwell article sure ought to.

If you want to see what happens when a collapse happens and a depression begins, just look at what is happening in Greece….

Things have gotten so bad that hundreds of families in Greece are abandoning their children. Some are taking their children to charitable institutions and others are handing them directly over to the government…

The final destruction of the family. Child rearing by The State. Think of every book, story and article you read where that happened… fact and fiction, the results are the same.

The economic collapse is the dark rain cloud approaching. Your rain bonnet won’t help you against the tornado hidden inside.



P.S. I recommend an ixquick search on “The Bilderberg Group”. Know your enemy. Ixquick, by the way, does not record your searches – thus nobody can track it, watch it, record it or demand to see records that do not exist of where you went looking for information.