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plan ahead

My wife and I are planners. We both naturally incline towards having big pictures guide our goals which, in turn, make up our short term project lists.

In the decade we’ve shared, we have had good luck assembling our hopes, wishes, dreams and day-to-day realities in occasional goal setting sessions. To the left is Page One of my notes from our first session for 2012.

While I wrote that it is “safe to assume THIS YEAR”, today I realize that the converse is actually more accurate:
It is unsafe to assume that the dollar will not crash in 2012.

Consider that. Of all the things you might put on a New Year’s resolution list, if they don’t consider that possibility, they need to slide down on your list. I am not forgetting our psychological, emotional or social needs, but the collapse of the world’s monetary system… and the associated attempts to take control martially will have a greater impact on EVERYTHING in your (my, our) world than anything you have ever experienced.

While a new car, new roof, new lawn or exercise program might be wonderful ideas, in a economically-collapsed, martial-law world, NONE of that will have even the slightest importance to you. While it may not happen this year, again I say that it is unsafe to assume it won’t.

So what is on Page Two of my notes?

When it comes, we are at a fork in the road. Every step our world takes down the one path is deeper and deeper into an ugly, dark totalitarian world… one that would kill me from the inside out. Those who know that of themselves will stand at this intersection and fight. They will fight as if their lives depend on the outcome… because their lives do indeed depend on the outcome.

In schematics, this symbol represents a resistor. It says a lot.
Resist the overthrowresistor
of civilization…
of humanity…
of our community…
of our neighborhood…
of our home.

I am hereby adopting it. I’m not alone. It speaks of courage, knowledge, honor, integrity and intelligence. That’s my community. The welcome mat is out to any who want it.