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recipe: you are cooked

There is a master plan. It is not good for you. It is good for the planners. Nearly all the ingredients are in place, ready to plop in the pot as soon as it gets up to temperature, which is to say, any time now.

Unbacked (fiat) Federal Reserve Notes as the world reserve currency.
Federal Reserve Notes printed at hyper speed/volume.
Paper dollars reverting to its actual value (zero).
Millions of desperate people who have no idea how to survive.
Totalitarian, fascist, centrally controlled governments in all major countries of the world
With few exceptions, countries full of unarmed populace unable to defend against fascists
Popular acceptance that war is perpetual; conflict between “nations” is, however unpleasant, forever
Mass communication completely controlled by a handful of insiders
(except the Internet, but they are solving that as we speak)
Controlled media focuses attention on “rogue nations” building nukes
The Big Boys make sure that “rogue nations” can indeed appear to, or maybe even really build nukes
… more ingredients, but I’m moving on…

nuke Boise (I’m picking on my neighborhood, but any will do)

The race to sacrifice friends, countrymen, neighbors is on.
“I’ll do anything you ask, SIR”
immediately replaces “It’s a free country”.
NATO becomes the main police agency of THE WORLD.
Fed, state, local employees don FEMA paramilitary garb
and take over the streets … and everything else in sight.
Horders are rounded up
Hordes confiscated
Most of that goes to insiders
New world currency (The Rube) “brings economic stability”
Likely a plastic-only currency (track-able, controllable, cheap)

A few pockets of populace are deemed too expensive to take and worth too little in the big picture.

I hope to be living in one of them…
or not.