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a ray of sunshine

I would like to share some good news with you. I spend so much time and electronic ink on worrisome topics that we all need a break.

Regardless of which disruption our little world undergoes, you have major advantages going for you. You know what’s coming, why and have good ideas of which things will be particularly useful in that future… and which are really quite unimportant.

95% of your neighbors don’t.
Two years ago, 99.5% didn’t.
This is a wonderful change.

Those numbers, by the way, aren’t completely fictional. Two years ago, I could talk with 200 people before finding one who had a decent understanding of what evil lurks in the heart of central planning. I was on the lunatic fringe – easily marginalized, written off as a kook and, for that matter, easily disposed of.

Today I can find fair comprehension in about 1 out of 20 people I run across in everyday life. The exciting thing is that I expect 1 out of 10 to have at least a basic understanding within 6 months. The ideas are snowballing. As more and more “Get it”, their circle of acquaintances become willing to listen to ideas that they’d heard of, but written off as ravings of lunatics. Even more fun, I can actually go to meetings populated by a dozen or more who not only understand the central evils of our world, they are actually doing something about it.

Wow. Ten percent will understand that central planners created the problem; that The Fed and its owners are the problem; that their solutions are to be opposed with everything we can throw at them.

Ten percent is a winning number.

And there is more good news: You have some stuff. You have some preps. You will have some cans of beans when the shelves are empty. You have a few bullets on hand to protect your beans. You might even have a few real coins and other “excess preps” in some areas that you can use to barter for things you turn out to need.

But hands down your best preparation for major disruption is that your head is getting prepared. While 90% are sitting on the curb trying to figure out what hit them, you know what hit, where it came from and have already run many potential futures, and importantly, responses through your head. You won’t be sitting in stunned confusion, but reacting as you see which of your imagined scenarios you are now faced with.