farewell free country

statue-of-liberty-petiteIn 1875 the French people began collecting individual donations to create what was to become The Statue Of Liberty. The people (not the government) of France through voluntary, private donations caused it to be erected in a USA port because that country represented freedom to them. The beacon of liberty was to shine from there to all of the people of the world.

One used monument 93 meters tall, 229 tons in weight. It is no longer appropriate for current neighborhood

The Congress of the USA just passed a bill giving the president, his appointees and subordinates authorization to detain or kill anyone inside our outside the USA without an indictment of a grand jury, evidence, trial or any of those bothersome trivialities spelled out in the USA Constitution and its integral Bill of Rights.

Pay particular attention to the short and concise Bill Of Rights. The Constitution was not going to be accepted by the states until The Bill Of Rights was added. Many thought the assurances of individual liberty redundant and, therefore, unnecessary. As it turns out, even explicitly spelling out the rights to life, liberty, property, free speech and free press are not enough to restrict the current USA Legislative and Executive branches.

Congress is coming down home stretch on creating a law that permits the executive branch to censor any portions of the Internet they deem dangerous or offensive (to them). This is a return of The Sedition Act of 1798 where the people in power squelch any speech or writing unsupportive of them and their actions.

This new law will allow federal employees to immediately shut down any website linked to any website that contains documents determined to be offensive – no justification required. This is being disguised as anti-piracy legislation, but it had to happen as free speech and free press are quite bothersome to the ruling class.

Right here and now in December 2011, the government of The USA had taken full control of the people instead of visa versa as the law of the land specifies.

Who is in charge now?