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and the threats keep on coming

It is important and I can’t say it better… from the publishers of Laissez Faire Books comes this article on our freedom of communication. Intro below:

The secretary of state — our roving ambassador from the land of the free — travels the world to denounce governments that would interfere with digital freedom. “They aim to impose a system, cemented in a global code, that expands control over Internet resources, institutions and content,” said Hillary Clinton at The Hague of several measures pushed by China, Russia and others, “and centralizes that control in the hands of the government.”

Statements like that give new meaning to the word hypocrisy, for the U.S. government is behind some of the most far-reaching interventions that could smash digital freedom. A bill making its way through Congress called the Stop Online Piracy Act, or SOPA, has an alarming number of supporters and some measure of support within the Obama administration.