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party time

Oh, gee, maybe not so much …
Okay, I’M AMAZED will have to do…

Amazingly, The USA Senate passed the end of the Bill of Rights. BOTH Idaho Senators voted, “YES – Who cares about that silly scrap of paper”. Their fellow treasonous felons from next door Montana did as well. In fact, Iowa’s Thomas Harkin [D], Kentucky’s Rand Paul [R], both senators from Oregon, Utah’s Mike Lee [R] and Vermont’s Bernard Sanders [I] stood alone on the floor of the USA Senate voting “NO”.

This bill will allow indefinite detention of US citizens by the army with no charges or trial. The president of the USA, whoever that may be at any given time, can deem anyone anywhere to be an enemy of the state. Those so deemed immediately forfeit their right to life, liberty and property without further ado.

Wow. Where is the outrage?

Where is the fourth estate? Oh yeah, I remember now, they were bought up 80 years ago by the same people who took control of the USA dollar and all the politicians paper dollars could buy.

Where is the ‘occupy’ movement; the flash mob; the … oh gosh, what does this moment call for? You and I know, but I can see saying it will send me into indefinite detention with no “presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury” nor any “due process of law” as spelled out in the 5th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America. That or place me in the crosshairs of a drone.

Is it really this easy? Are we really that soft, that ignorant and that lazy? Do we really have to be under the wheels of the freight train to see it?

Those 93 “Yea” votes are treasonous acts. They are clearly impeachable offenses at the very least. This should trigger the greatest show this nation has ever seen… that is, if the fourth estate wasn’t into their third bottle of champagne and enjoying the party so darn much.