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libertarian solstice

I just realized that the future is brighter than I thought; that there is more reason for optimism than I had heretofore recognized.

It has been easy to be almost overwhelmed with disgust and despair over the war on Iraq, the war on Afghanistan, the war on non-prescription drugs, the war on self-defense (guns/ammo), the war on liberty-oops terror, the war on the dollar, the war on travellers .. and on and on.

This morning I suddenly realized that they may be sowing the seeds of their own destruction.

On one side of the battle line are the money people, their pet politicians, their TV-radio-print media, their military, their police, their indoctrinators educators and their battalions of bureaucrats.

Kind-of on their side of the line are their dependents who get the monthly and weekly handouts from the pillaged countryside. However, having complacent dependents on your side is not much of a tactical advantage in any battle I can think of.

Today’s insight, however, is that they are pushing more and more of us onto the other side of the line. Their very efforts to marginalize and emasculate us doesn’t trap us between a rock and hard place as they seem to think it does. As they cast us out of ‘The IN Crowd’ one by one, we find ourselves not alone, but in a growing mass of the offended and abused. It actually pushes us to the other side of the battle line. They are building the numbers and strength of the opposing side with each new depredation.

Look at the wars they are simultaneously running. Its not just Arabs and Africans, it is also South Americans, Asians, Europeans and whatever area I just left out. On every land mass of the planet they attack the majority in so many ways it seems that their general is insane.

Well, that has worked for quite a while many, many times before and it has resulted in ultimate defeat for the fatherland’s rulers every time. While they are hoping to divide and conquer, it looks like they are overestimating their superiority and underestimating their enemy. There is more intelligence and will to thrive on our side than they guess.

Today I realize that I am in greater company than I had thought, and the ruling elite are tossing reinforcements to our side as fast as they can throw. We may have reached a kind of solstice in the trajectory towards a modern dark ages. If we can arm ourselves with knowledge and courage, freedom wins.