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The headline piqued my interest. I am curious. What IS the top selling drug of all time?

The world’s top selling drug of all time now has a generic version, and that means more competitive prices. The cholesterol-lowering pill Lipitor lost its patent protection Wednesday,

Those thieving scoundrels! While everybody is supposed to be celebrating a major cost savings in “our health care system”, I’m pis***.

They establish a government-protected monopoly of medical practitioners. Then they establish a government-protected monopoly of drug sales. Then the parties of the first part agree to sell the products of the parties of the second part with kickbacks, personal perks and political support as their rewards.

Propped with a pile of refuted pseudo-science published papers and subsidized with taxpayer and employer money, Lipitor streaks to the top of the charts displacing aspirin, marijuana or chicken soup from their rightful place.

The men in the white coats find or create a compound that alters the level of some element in normal human bodies. Then they create an arbitrarily unnaturally low number for that element. Then they sell widespread testing for that element. *Viola* We have ourselves a platinum seller here folks.*

For their next magical trick, how about convincing the gullible their health will be vastly improved and lives dramatically extended if they sleep 16 hours a day. A drug to solve their almost-awakeness problem should be easy enough to come up with.