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plan ahead

My wife and I are planners. We both naturally incline towards having big pictures guide our goals which, in turn, make up our short term project lists. In the decade we’ve shared, we have had good luck assembling our hopes, wishes, dreams and day-to-day realities in occasional goal setting sessions. To the left is Page One of my notes from our first session for 2012. While I wrote that it is “safe to assume THIS YEAR”, today I realize that the converse is actually more accurate: It is unsafe to assume that the dollar will not crash in 2012. […]

recipe: you are cooked

There is a master plan. It is not good for you. It is good for the planners. Nearly all the ingredients are in place, ready to plop in the pot as soon as it gets up to temperature, which is to say, any time now. […]

a ray of sunshine

I would like to share some good news with you. I spend so much time and electronic ink on worrisome topics that we all need a break. Regardless of which disruption our little world undergoes, you have major advantages going for you. You know what’s coming, why and have good ideas of which things will be particularly useful in that future… and which are really quite unimportant. […]

pre crime

. It’s called the FAST Mobile Module. It looks like an outdoor school trailer on wheels, complete with multiple screening rooms, three ramp entry lanes for greater “throughput” and state-of-the-art physiological and behavioral technologies that can detect an individual’s “mal-intent”–that is, intention to do harm. The Mobile Module may one day roam the country, its high-tech sensors measuring heart rates, skin temperatures, body movements, breathing, pupil dilation and other physiological indicators to predict whether or not someone will commit a crime in the future. […]


In October 2008 I slightly modified a cartoon depicting the sacred O reassembling the Constitution. Waves of Optimism were washing across the USA. I was amazed at how widespread and comprehensive the delusion was… amazed, disgusted and quite frankly, nervous for our liberties. I’m not bragging about my crystal ball, but complaining that so few see the obvious. Regardless, the future was there to see. I saw it. With my crude drawing skills I then drew a rare-for-me political cartoon. It got less than rave reviews from friends and family. You can see why they should have panned it. However, they weren’t being art critics, they were complaining about my politics and, of course vehemently refuting my vision of […]

farewell free country

In 1875 the French people began collecting individual donations to create what was to become The Statue Of Liberty. The people (not the government) of France through voluntary, private donations caused it to be erected in a USA port because that country represented freedom to them. The beacon of liberty was to shine from there to all of the people of the world. FREE TO GOOD HOME One used monument 93 meters tall, 229 tons in weight. It is no longer appropriate for current neighborhood […]

and the threats keep on coming

It is important and I can’t say it better… from the publishers of Laissez Faire Books comes this article on our freedom of communication. Intro below: The secretary of state — our roving ambassador from the land of the free — travels the world to denounce governments that would interfere with digital freedom. “They aim to impose a system, cemented in a global code, that expands control over Internet resources, institutions and content,” said Hillary Clinton at The Hague of several measures pushed by China, Russia and others, “and centralizes that control in the hands of the government.” Statements like that give new meaning to the word hypocrisy, for the U.S. government is behind some of the most far-reaching interventions […]

you are prey

While the Senate and House of the USA are burning our Constitution in effigy with HR 1540 & SB 1867, Predator drones are already being utilized against the people of the USA. The rulers assure us this won’t happen even while it is happening. The first victims are involved in a civil matter over range laws and 6 cows who may or may not have transferred their ownership from one range to another. That became a federal case why? The Predator and a small army were called out why? An outside observer might note the COINCIDENCE that these three farmers are active supporters and advocates for The Constitution Of These United States. […]

party time

Incredibly… Oh, gee, maybe not so much … Okay, I’M AMAZED will have to do… Amazingly, The USA Senate passed the end of the Bill of Rights. BOTH Idaho Senators voted, “YES – Who cares about that silly scrap of paper”. Their fellow treasonous felons from next door Montana did as well. In fact, Iowa’s Thomas Harkin [D], Kentucky’s Rand Paul [R], both senators from Oregon, Utah’s Mike Lee [R] and Vermont’s Bernard Sanders [I] stood alone on the floor of the USA Senate voting “NO”. This bill will allow indefinite detention of US citizens by the army with no charges or trial. The president of the USA, whoever that may be at any given time, can deem anyone […]

presidential spending records

On September 20, 2008 I posted two charts on presidential spending. It is still a great picture of reality that flies in the face of pervasive mythology. So many politicians and fans thereof hold the memory of President Reagan up as the ultimate fiscal conservative. You can find only one ex-USA-president in history more profligate. Yet the mythology lives on … and on… and on. It frosts me to no end. So I turned the original post into a page making it easier to find and reference. Here’s the page: Presidential Spending

libertarian solstice

I just realized that the future is brighter than I thought; that there is more reason for optimism than I had heretofore recognized. It has been easy to be almost overwhelmed with disgust and despair over the war on Iraq, the war on Afghanistan, the war on non-prescription drugs, the war on self-defense (guns/ammo), the war on liberty-oops terror, the war on the dollar, the war on travellers .. and on and on. This morning I suddenly realized that they may be sowing the seeds of their own destruction. […]

number one (x 10)

The headline piqued my interest. I am curious. What IS the top selling drug of all time? The world’s top selling drug of all time now has a generic version, and that means more competitive prices. The cholesterol-lowering pill Lipitor lost its patent protection Wednesday, Those thieving scoundrels! While everybody is supposed to be celebrating a major cost savings in “our health care system”, I’m pis***. […]