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Is that thunder I hear?

Those with exceptional hearing sense it first, then recognize the sound of war approaching. The more alert and astute move out of the path. bosnia By the time the noise of cannon and small arms becomes distinguishable to all, evacuation has begun in earnest… but the exits are crowded and there is a shortage of safe places within reach.

90 banks have failed this year; been taken over by the U.S. Government and handed to some other bankers.

The Federal Reserve has doubled the number of dollars in circulation, making each one previously in savings accounts and in circulation worth exactly half as much. They promise more dollar creation to fix the problems created by too much dollar creation. This is promising?

A few failing and flailing governments have commandeered retirement funds to prop up bad investments… obviously stealing and destroying them in the end. The biggest one in the world has long ago been transferred from substance to paper promises via USA political spending.

Most European government reserves are in the form of loans to other European governments. Many non-European governments have major “investments” in those same places (The USA, Japan and China, to mention the three biggest economies in the world for some interesting examples). The Greek tragedy being played out in Greece, of all places, will torch every paper currency on the planet … which is, by the way, every official currency on the planet.

The world’s rulers who are busy making drunken sailors look good have it all under control… assuming you believe what they say. The people who are telling them what to say actually DO HAVE A PLAN. Unfortunately it is not conducive to your life, liberty and property.

You better have a plan of your own.

You better transfer it from the back of your head into something a little more closely resembling ACTION.