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shooting ban

Kuna City Council is headed down the path of prohibiting shooting within the city limits. Not too long ago, they stretched their city limits miles in every direction to include corn fields, wheat fields, hundreds of acres of farmland, fallow land and much more.

What problems are they solving …
and what problems are they creating?

The top cop subcontracted to Kuna from the county has “had problems with residents shooting guns in or on their property, potentially endangering others“.

In their simple world, banning shooting in the city limits stops shooting in the city limits. *SHAZAM* we are all safe now. That assumes this law will work a lot better than that building full of laws down at the state capital. I am not so optimistic their ban will do anything constructive at all.

However, we can add one more law to the millions that make the old phrase, “ignorance of the law is no excuse” into a cruel hoax wherein anybody can be arrested at any time for violating laws they were completely unaware of.

The guys who have been pheasant hunting a particular field for generations suddenly find themselves guilty of illegal firearms discharge. Who knows where that charge will end with an anti-gun President and run-amok ATF.

Oh, but the council discovered that particular problem before making it law so sent the city attorney off to write an open-area hunting exemption in proper legalese.

Mollified I am not. What other exemptions will they have to write into this ordinance before and after it becomes the law of the land? What other safe, sane, useful or entertaining shooting did they prohibit?

They decided to cover the use of bows, air guns, blow guns …. Really??? When a kid launches a spitwad out of a drinking straw are the agents going to cuff him up? Stupider stuff has been happening recently in this heretofore free country.

‘Skuze me, but can’t the police or neighbors simply use existing endangerment laws to get somebody into court for endangering others? Just how specialized do our codes have to become? When did we have to have everything we can or cannot do spelled out completely?

What happened to English Common Law and its partner Common Sense?

The loss of the latter is exactly how we got people like this in positions to write such foolishness. Puddingheads used to stand out IN the crowd, not IN FRONT of it. Now a slim majority of the 30% who do the voting in this country will buy anything from anybody if the sales pitch is well-delivered.