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spring is busting out all over

I made the first transaction of my new career as a self-employed scrounger, reseller, fixer, handyman or whatever other ways I can come up with of turning my brains, hands, capital or inventory into things I want. While it wasn’t ideal from an economic standpoint, I just traded a brand new 40-bottle wine fridge I bought at the thrift store to the local high-end steakhouse for our 10th Anniversary dinner coming up December 24th.

We are getting excited about our first no-holds-barred fine dining experience complete from the stuffed mushroom appetizer through the Sonoma County wine, filet-mignon steak and “home-made” pie.

This little emotional boost is all I needed to kick me into gear, or get me to let out the clutch on my new enterprise. I’m back to working for the best boss I have ever had. He’s not easy on me, but he is always rational – something I’ve missed while trying to find job security working under others. This resolves two of my recent posts about making a living and enjoying life.

I just opened a new door and found springtime in front of me.