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Wikipedia says we should celebrate anniversary #10 with tin. You have to be kidding me???

I, the [potential 9:2] councilman, was out chatting with the owner of the Peregrine Steakhouse, the [potential 3:1] mayor, about the upcoming election and the future of our tiny town. I couldn’t help but get thinking about a really fine dinner; a cost-no-object dinner. I have never had one. Wow. That is mostly sad, I think, but it well reflects my Puritan-work-ethic upbringing.

A hundred bucks would more than cover it. BUT a hundred bucks would buy us a week’s-worth of groceries. A hundred bucks would buy me 500 9mm bullets. A hundred bucks is a month’s-worth of gasoline. A hundred bucks is three silver dollars. How could anyone with my understanding of the near future spend $100 for one evening’s dinner?

I don’t know how this is going to work out. I have until December 24th to decide. But I’m telling you now that I’m thinking about taking advantage of a steakhouse that won’t survive whatever the crash of the world’s fiat currencies turns out to be called. I’m thinking seriously about the advantage of saying, “Remember that dinner we had at the Peregrine steakhouse?” rather than saying, “Remember when fine restaurants used to exist?. I wonder what it would have been like to dress up and go out for a fine dinner.”

Only a few hours into the time between this afternoon and my tenth wedding anniversary and I’m already thinking that my version of the Wikipedia anniversary list will have 10th anniversaries listed as seafood appetizers, fillet mignon dinner and a bottle of fine Sonoma County Cabernet.