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The Ministry of Self Defense

There is an e-mail zooming around warning those who would defend life, liberty and property with personally owned firearms that George Soros is buying gun manufacturers as part of his anti-gun agenda. Among others discrediting this bit is the super-reliable JPFO.

That Soros himself cannot be directly linked to The Freedom Group’s purchases of gun, ammunition, bullet and powder manufacturers is not terribly relevant. The concerns, however, ARE terribly relevant.

George Soros is a major player in the Bildergerg Group and its subordinate Council on Foreign Relations. THEY want YOU disarmed and dependent. They have the money. You don’t. They own every fiat currency in the world. You don’t.

Take no comfort if Georgie cannot be directly connected to The Freedom Group. It looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck. A major corporation buying up the companies who produce the tools of self defense does not portend good things for us.

The Freedom Group will defend your freedom as The Patriot Act supported patriotism, the Department of Homeland Security helps make you secure, The UN Small Arms treaty will ensure the safety of the common man and George Orwell’s Ministry of Love promoted kindness.

Include in your self defense preparations a bit of support for the sound money movement, the move back towards the republic and the emasculation of federal firearms laws.